What not to do when you have acne

August 03, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

What not to do when you have acne


By: Nell S.

For over 4 years, i’ve wasted both my time and money on products which all claimed to do wonders. But for 4 years, i’ve only been disappointed, until my sister decided to bring me a gift when visiting. My acne hasn’t gotten better nor worse since last year and i somehow kept my skin under control. She brought me products by Clarins, which were to help cleans my face and keep it clean. I started using them and it didn’t affect me in a negative way. I somehow felt like my face got cleaner and it weren’t dry anymore.

I continued with the routine but even if the products worked on my pimples, those were not the main issue i was struggling with. My previous pimples had left me with scars which i am determined to get rid of. I’ve tried a lot of creams for reducing scars but they were all not working for me. Even tho the products got my skin under control, it didn't really improve it, so i stopped using it. I got more and more frustrated and i was constantly trying to find solutions. I started picking and popping my zits because when no creams worked, there was only this option left. But even when gently squeezing the pimple every now and then won’t do much harm, constantly picking at them will.

I also started washing my face more often, turning it red. By using abrasive scrubs , it can harm the skin and irritate it. When vigorously scrubbing, it can aggravate inflammation. Also over cleansing can lead to a over-dry face.

It is of course important to exfoliate if you want clearer skin because exfoliation keeps your pores clear of gunk and makes the skin softer as well.

It’s also very important to separate fact from fiction. Acne isn’t caused by being dirty, contrary to what your mom told you. It isn’t affected by your diet because there is still no proven link between what goes in your mouth and acne. So eat what you want, because we do know that chocolate or pizza don't actually contribute to acne. And the biggest myth of them all: You need to wait for acne to go away on its own. This is not true because acne can be treated. Acne can change a lot of things, including the way you feel about yourself. It might make you embarrassed, angry or sad. But the most important thing not to do when you have acne, is letting it rule your life. You’re a lot more than your skin.