Cruelty Free Cosmetics

September 15, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

By: Kate E. 

In my opinion, we shouldn’t still be relying on cruel practices for our own convenience living in 2015. I personally love shopping at Lush, not only because of their beautiful natural products and cruelty free cosmetics, but because they do not test on animals and support environmental sustainability and free trade. 

Firstly, with animal testing. Testing cosmetic products on animals is so cruel and happens so often, mostly without people realizing they are supporting this horrible industry. It’s so important that people start to value animal rights because they feel pain the exact same we do. They are stabbed, blinded, jabbed, kept in tiny cages and examined to see possible harmful effects the products could have on humans. They are treated like lifeless property of the company that “owns” them, which would be seen as horrible cruel slavery if it were happening to humans.

Why would we want to support this? When I started becoming aware of this issue, I was researching and came across an article on the Draize test, a common test done by cosmetic companies who test on albino rabbits, where they are immobilized and substances are placed directly into their eyes (mascaras, cleaners etc.) The companies claim to use animals are used because they are cheap and don’t have tear ducts to wash away the chemicals. Their eyes are then clipped open and observed later for harmful reactions.

Anesthesia is rarely used because its “too expensive” and horrible effects are forced onto the animals from this test (obviously), but no actions are taken to reduce their suffering. This is a violation of their basic rights and of the respect they deserve. This was the thing that really opened my eyes to this disgusting cruelty and stopped me from ever wanting to support this industry again.

The animals are cruelly manipulated and tortured for the company’s convenience, which is absolutely disgusting and should not be supported at all. There are alternatives to this testing, which should be supported at all times – alternatives that are tested on a voluntary basis and not on innocent animals who cannot stand up for their own rights against multi-million dollar companies. When purchasing any beauty products, check that they were not tested on animals.

Fair trade and sustainability:

Farmers and workers that help supply the ingredients used by the cosmetics industry should have rights to suitable working conditions and fair prices for their goods. Often, underage children are forced to work in horrible conditions to help support their families on unfair wages. Underage or not, all workers should have good working conditions and get fair wages in 2015.

It’s past the time we should only be supporting fair-trade in the cosmetics and beauty industry. If farmers are getting fairly paid they can then afford to follow practices that support the health of the environment and they can give back to their communities. It’s so important to respect the health of the environment and support sustainable farming to preserve the Earth for future generations. When purchasing beauty products, also check that they are made from free-trade ingredients and sustainable practices. All in all, opting for cruelty free cosmetics is a better choice.