Green Smoothies that Don't Taste Like Grass

September 23, 2015 0 Comments

By Steffi:

Ever wake up in the morning needing a quick, healthy breakfast but can’t seem to find the time between
finishing up the last lines of your paper and finding the perfect outfit to wear? I’ve definitely had many
such days, where I’ve needed to have something filling for breakfast that wouldn’t sabotage my skin.

This was especially difficult in college where some days I bounced around between classes and studying
so much that I didn’t have time for food, and when I did, I would grab something processed and pre-

After an intense finals week and a Winter Break full of late nights binging on greasy foods, I needed a
miracle skin saver. After all, your skin is a mirror of what you put in your body. My skin felt parched and
needed a serious makeover, so I decided to embark on the journey of green smoothies. For those of you
who haven’t tried putting a bunch of vegetables in your smoothie before, no need to worry! The
“grassy” flavor can easily be masked by strawberries or what I’ve found to be the best sweeteners,

Berries are so full of antioxidants that reduce swelling and inflammation, and flax seeds are
packed with omega-3s (like the ones found in salmon) that can combat dry skin. They are also essential
for maintaining cell health, so that the body can absorb nutrients more efficiently. Also, vegetables are
important for a healthy digestive flow to remove the buildup of toxins in your body, which can make its
way up to forming those dreaded bumps on your skin.

This smoothie is such a breeze to make, and it’s delicious, too! After two weeks of drinking this smoothie
daily, my skin has become much less inflamed and splotchy and so much smoother. The dry patches
around my nose and my mouth also feel more supple and moisturized. I find myself looking forward to
the noisy grinding of my blender every morning for a large cup of deliciousness, knowing that it’d be
good for my body too.

Here’s the recipe (you could tweak the ingredients to your preference)

1 ½ cups of coconut milk (or almond milk, soy milk)

A handful of kale (or spinach for a milder taste and less of a tough texture)

1 tbsp of flax seeds

1tbsp of oatmeal

½ banana

A couple of strawberries

Enjoy! It won’t be long before you start feeling less fatigued and wake up ready to tackle the day. Your
skin will thank you immensely, too.