4 Distraction Techniques To Stop Picking

May 04, 2017 0 Comments

By: Olivia

I have Dermatillomania which is a form of OCD where I pick at my face and body, no matter if there is a blemish there or not. My brain will turn clear skin into something to be picked at which can lead to a very sore bleeding face and ultimately be scarring. I am going to describe some ways in which I stop myself from picking my face day to day: I am not perfect but I have managed to stop myself picking as much as I used to!

Avoiding mirrors

I have found that avoiding looking in the mirror when using the bathroom and when I am in my room at home has stopped me from noticing little blemishes and therefore has led to less picking overall. At home, there is a mirror in my bathroom that covers the whole wall and is difficult to avoid so on that mirror I have put a post-it note saying "do not pick!" It is a gentle reminder, as most of the time when I am picking my face I am not really aware that I am doing it!

Using face masks/spot cream

Another way I have found that helps me to stop picking at my skin is by using face masks. These create a barrier between my skin and my fingers and so I do not pick. I also use the Mario Badescu drying lotion at night and will usually wash my face and put this on as soon as I get home as it means I can't pick my face.

Rewarding yourself

I use an app called Productive, which is basically a habit maker and breaker app, where you can input what you want to stop doing and then every day you can tick it off if you have done it and skip it if you haven't. It also has a handy calendar built in so that you can see if there is a trend in your picking. You could decide to reward yourself with some chocolate or new clothes after you have completed a month without picking your face!

Noticing trends

I touched on this in the previous paragraph, however, I think it is very important to know your main reasons for picking your skin so that you can stop. For me, this is mainly stress and anxiety and so I know when I am starting to feel those feelings, I do everything in my power to make sure I don't pick my face.