4 Skincare Myths Debunked

April 27, 2017 0 Comments

By: Adam

1. Moisturizing Can Cause Acne

This is probably the biggest misconception about skin care. The myth that by putting moisturizer over pimples you can make the situation worse. It makes sense. We are taught that oil is bad and by stripping it we can avoid getting pimples. This causes people who break out willing to dry out their skin at whatever cost as long as it means preventing pimples. Well, the opposite is true. By drying out our skin you actually put your skin at risk for breaking out. If you strip all of your body’s oils but do not moisturize, your body will compensate by producing even more. What’s worse is that you are doing damage to your skin by drying it out. Aim to always stay moisturized as it is the most important thing for your skins’ health

2. Bubbles Makes the Product More Effective

There are a lot of cleaners out there that promise foam, bubbles, and suds. These bubbles are created by a sulfur chemical called SLS. This product is in a lot of self-care products such as soaps, shampoos and in cleansers. Companies starting putting it in their products because customers were under the impression that the more bubbles the cleaner the product would be. It gave customers that “squeaky” clean feeling. But what it actually does it just dry out your skin without any added benefits. So stay away from any “foaming” or “bubbly” cleansers due to them being too harsh.

3. Redness is Good

It may be because we want immediate effects when using skin care products but when using a product that makes your skin go red, does not mean it’s necessarily mean it’s working. As well as “tingly” feeling some products may warn you that this is par for the course (probably for something more abrasive such as a peel or an exfoliator) but for something simple such as a cleanser, toner or moisturizer your skin should not be doing red. Use them as a warning sign that your skin care routine may be a little harsh for your skin type.

4. If something is popular it must be because it’s good

Trends don’t only exist in the fashion world, but they are super prominent in the beauty industry as well. Oils are the new cleansers. Coconut oil is the new jojoba oil. Cucumber masks are so 90s. BB creams have extended all the way down to DD creams. This can lead you to an overwhelming amount of options. Even sometimes giving you an option that isn’t even conducive to your skin type. When trying the latest trend just think critically that you aren’t just following the trend and assess if the product works for you.