4 Ways to Stay Oil-free This Summer

May 02, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Mary M.

Summer time is near and as the days get longer and the temperature higher, we would definitely make the most of this precious time to stay outside, head to the beach and soak in the sun. But as the days get hotter, we might find ourselves profusely sweating and find our faces in a sticky oily mess. Here are 4 ways to guarantee that you will still look your best and stay fresh while enjoying those much-anticipated outdoor activities this summer:

Don’t over wash.

Many people with oily skin believe they need to wash multiple times a day to get rid of the oil. But over-washing can even have reverse results. It can dry and irritate your skin, so your skin thinks it needs more oil to hydrate it.To avoid that disastrous effect, wash only 2 times a day with a mild cleanser and don’t go overboard with toner or spot treatments. It also helps if you should use water-based products and keep everything light.

Oil-based Cleansers.

You can fight oil with oil. Some people are scared to use oil when they have oily skin, but it can actually help you out. We can use oil-based products but only limited to specific types. Look for cleansers or oils that aren’t comedogenic. This means products that do not clog the pores. Products with rosehip oil, neem oil, or tea tree oil, can be beneficial to your skin and further alleviate your acne condition.


Another mistake people make is skipping the step of moisturizing. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will again think you need more oil. Find a good moisturizer that will make your skin soft and smooth. Moisturize day and night and your oily skin will be under control.

Oil-Blotting Sheets.

Oil-blotting sheets are a real life saver for anyone with oily skin. It controls the oils instantly and will remove all the shine and stickiness that you will have to your skin. You can best use them in the morning before putting your makeup on and once in the evening just right before bed time. 

There are other ways to tackle oily skin, but those are the basics that are good for anyone especially in this humid weather. What is most important is to know your skin and the products that work best for you. As long as you know these tips to prevent and control your sticky situation, I am pretty sure that you will be out and about this summer enjoying the beach friendly weather.

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