3 Skincare Mistakes You're Making That Are Ruining Your Skin

December 06, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

are you ruining your skin

You’ve done the research, you’ve read the reviews. You checked the ingredients list, then checked again. You have always done everything to make sure you are getting the best products for you when it comes to skincare. But for many, new skincare regimens can easily turn to a fail if used incorrectly. Then, you’re on to the next system!

Have you ever considered it might be how you apply those products, whether it’s for acne, wrinkles, or any other skin concern? Here are the top three tips for skincare application that can bring better results that you have been searching for.

As much as you’ve already heard this, it’s an important tip to repeat: Being rough doesn’t mean you’re being cleaner. When it comes to face wash, rough movements and harsh lathering are common techniques used to clean the skin. But in reality, our skin can actually become irritated if rubbed or pressed on too hard.

For face washes that lather, lather the products with your palms rather than on your face to prevent irritation or over-scrubbing. Secondly, work in upwards circular motions with a slow and light hand, giving the product time to work without being harsh with your skin at the same time. For skin conditions all around the board, this is the best application for face wash.

For toner, the same concept applies: Gentle is better. Being hard and pulling on the skin in an effort to make sure it’s “squeaky clean” is actually not doing you any favors. Toners are meant to lightly refresh and balance the PH of our skin while providing gentle cleaning to the exposed skin cells.

Make sure to use toners correctly be working in a soft upwards motion without pressing too harshly on the skin. It only takes a small amount, so remember to not go too overboard with toner in your routine. I’ve seen this technique far too often, and any skincare specialist will tell you it’s a cringe-worthy habit to get into.

When it comes to moisturizers or serums, many people often think rubbing it into their skin will work it in the best. That’s how we apply our face wash anyway, right? But the truth is, rubbing your hands on dry skin can easily cause microscopic irritation and dryness, which a lot of the time can’t even be seen. For any kind of topical product, the best way to apply is by using a light pressing motion all over the face, never pushing on the same area for too long. Especially for people with dry skin, this tip can be very useful if you plan to put on makeup afterwards, due to the fact that you won’t be rubbing up new flakes on the skin.

Over more, being gentle and non-abrasive to your skin is the best way to apply any product on the face.

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