The Different Types of Acne

December 19, 2015 0 Comments

By Teja Chavali

Getting Acne is the most horrifying experience. No matter what you do, sometimes acne doesn’t leave you alone. I always wondered what acne was and if there was anything different about mine. Sometimes I get paranoid when I see a huge boil like pimple on my face and convince myself that I am turning into a monster. So if you are like me, then better know your acne.

First of all what is acne? Acne isa skin condition where your sebaceous glands, that produce natural oils on your skin, become inflamed or infected, especially around the face. This generally happens during your teens, but it’s not uncommon in adults. They usually show like small red boils on the skin or pimples. Whenever it starts or where ever it starts, it is because of unclean or plugged up pores. There are different types of acne, starting from mild to severe.

When oil, bacteria or dead skin cells block your pores and cause small bumps they could be either blackheads or whiteheads; a milder form of acne that can be cured by over the counter medication. When the pore is open and filled with oils, dead skin and bacteria it is called a Blackhead. When you look at it you can see that it also has a dark or black colour. This is because when the oil in our skin is exposed to air it oxidises and turns black.

When the pores are closed with oil, bacteria and dead skin, they have a white bump in the middle. These are whiteheads and like blackheads they can be taken care of by over the counter medication.

Then you have the Papules and pustules. This happens when the pores get so irritated that their walls break. This results in bigger pimples with a white or a pale yellow puss filled in them. They look inflamed and have a reddish ring around them. It is so difficult to keep our hands to ourselves when we have these pimples on our face. Picking on them will lead to scarring. So better make sure that your face and hands always remain clean, and keep your hands off your face. Over the counter medication may help to an extent but seeing a dermatologist is recommended.

Can acne get any worse? Oh yes. When the clogged pores get irritated they tend to become bigger, lodging themselves deeper into your skin. And the worst part is that it hurts like crazy! They make you want to hide your face somewhere where no one can ever find you. Sometimes they can get so bad that you wish you were invisible. I know the feeling, but its best to go see a doctor than take a hike.

The horrible after effects of having pimples are the scars! You may think that you won after conquering your breakouts, but the aftermath of it may leave terrible scarring or even small little pits in your skin. And then a whole other process starts trying to get rid of the marks. It may sound like a never ending journey, but to have perfect skin, we need to go that extra mile to take care of it.