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Misconceptions about Acne

December 20, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Teja Chavali

How many times have you gone through acne Do’s and Don’ts in books and magazines? You may swear by some techniques. But do they really help? Here are a few common misconceptions about Acne.

I am sure most of you know that acne is produced because of clogging of pores on our skin by oils, dead skin cells and/or bacteria. So we may assume that if we wash our face 10 times a day then we can keep our skin clear and not clog the pores. But what we do not know is that constant washing of your face can irritate and dry it. Some amount of natural oil is required to keep our skin replenished and healthy. By stripping the skin of these natural oils you are doing more damage than good to your skin. So wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day. If you feel like washing your face in between, then use lukewarm water without a cleanser to clean or freshen up your face.

Anybody can have acne. It is generally seen among teenagers but that doesn’t mean acne may not appear later in life. A number of reasons factor into adults having acne. Lifestyle is a huge factor, apart from hormonal imbalance or certain medical conditions.

Certain products can result in acne. Make-up and skin care products sometimes adversely affect the skin leading to acne. Make sure that the products you use do not have too many chemicals in them. Always remember to take your make-up off before going to bed. Letting your skin breathe can go a long way in reducing acne.

What goes into your system can also make acne appear on your skin. Eating oily foods when you already have a problem with acne can only worsen it. Hence make sure you eat clean and healthy food. When you are healthy from the inside it shows on the outside.

Keep your hands to yourself. It may be very difficult not to pick on your pimples. You may also think that if you squeeze the pus out of the pimples then they will heal faster. Nope. It can make it worse. And let’s face it: it hurts.

Using certain products to dry out the pimple may give you temporary relief but in the long run you may be doing more damage to your skin than making it better. Things like applying toothpaste or mouthwash on the pimples may seem to have immediate effect on your pimple. But I think it is more psychological than physical.

Just because pimples are caused by oils and grease from your skin, it doesn’t mean getting rid of the excess oil is the solution. If your acne is bad, please see a dermatologist. There is nothing more horrible than trying something that can only make your acne worse.

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