How to Layer Skincare Products

September 12, 2015 0 Comments

1. Cleanser 



Always cleanse first before putting any skincare products on your face, or else they won't get absorbed very well plus you'll just be sealing a layer of germs into your skin.  If you have dry or sensitive skin choose a cleanser with a creamy consistency. 

2. Toner 

After cleansing you want to apply a toner to get rid of any remaining germs on your skin and to prevent excess oils.  If you have acne try the Vitamin C beauty elixiror the Eau de Rose toner for sensitive skin.


3. Serum

Apply a serum after the toner since you only need a little bit and they absorb into skin fairly quickly.  


4.  Moisturizer

During the day you may not need this, but definitely apply a moisturizer at night!  Good daytime moisturizers include grapeseed oil and aloe vera oil and pick something repairing and anti-aging at night like a vitamin c creme.

At night use something that will help your skin regenerate and repair like avocado oil or vitamin c creme.


5. SPF


During the day you may want to apply a product with at least 15 SPF to protect your skin and prevent further hyperpigmentation if you're prone to acne and scarring.  SPF is also recommended if you use products that exfoliate since it will expose fresh new skin cells to the sun.  

Get layering!