5 Face Oils You Need Right Now for Acne Free Skin

May 11, 2018 0 Comments

5 Face Oils You Need Right Now for Acne Free Skin

by Kali Kushner

Typically, whenyou're battling a breakout, oil is the last thing you wantto be putting on your skin.Benzoyl peroxide?Definitely. Salicylic acid? Sure thing. But oil? On top of oily skin? Definitely not the first thing that comes to mind. However certain oils can actually improve the overallclarity, tone, and texture of your skin while combatting breakouts. They work by balancing the oils already on your skin, and certain oils, like jojoba oil, can even prohibit the overproduction of sebum (one of the common causes of acne). Not oils are created the same though, the right combinations can transform even the most blemish prone skin. So, go ahead and slather these bad boys on. Your skin will love you for it.


Sunday Riley UFO Oil $80

Key ingredients:

-Salicylic Acid 1.5%: Clears congested pores; treats and prevents acne and blackheads.

-Tea Tree Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil: Help purify the skin and supports clarity.

-Licorice Root and Hexylresorcinol: Naturally brighten the appearance of dark spots.

This oil is among one of the most powerful I've tried, it gets right to the point with blackheads, white heads, and cysts. It works quickly by using severalacne fighting ingredients including salicylic acid and tea tree oil. You've probably used salicylic acid in the form of a spot treatment before, think back to your middle school days with those super dryingclean and clear spottreatments.

This takes one ofbeauty's best weapons and applies that same logic to your entire face, for treatment and prevention. With 1.5% salicylic acid your first instinct might be "wow, that'sgot to be drying"- but itisn't! These effects are combatted with milk thistle, cucumber seed, and chamomile to soothe and prevent the over drying effects thatsalicylic acid can often have. Then tea tree oil and black cumin seed oil work to further purify the skin and break down any sebum, bacteria, and other pore clogging substances on the skin. Licoriceroot works to naturally brighten the appearance of dark spots and reduce inflammation.


Purpl Goat Calm Complexion Serum $23

Key Ingredients:

-Lavender and Jojoba oil: work to balance the skin, unclog the pore, and reduce inflammation.

-Neem and Calendula: work to calm the skin and reduce irritation.

-Turmeric and Licorice root: even out skin tone and fade hyper-pigmentation; lemon works to brighten the skin.

Overworked and over-stressed your skin?This oil has got you covered. It works to calm breakouts, reduce irritation, and can even help with sunburns (yup,I've tried it!). If you're a product junkie like me, you need this oil in yourarsenal. I have atendency to overuse products, resulting in redinflamed skin, and hyper sensitivity. This oil works every timeto return your skin back to its normal composition and quickly calm irritation.It's great for those who have both sensitive skin and acne prone skin because it goes deep down to unclog the pore while being both gentle and soothing.

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil $72

Key Ingredients:

-Blue Tansy: Reduces redness and clarifies the complexion without over drying; contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

-Plant BasedSqualene: Acts as a natural protective barrier to keep moisture in the skin, while protecting the skin from hyper-pigmentation and premature aging.

-Kuku Nut and Jojoba oil: Balances sebum and oil production in oilier and blemish-prone skin types with high levels of linoleic acid; provides instant hydration.

This lightweight oil quickly absorbs into the skin for instant hydration without leaving a greasy or oily residue like most oils can. Blue tansy, aMoroccan plant extract is the secret ingredient in this product, and the reason behind the gorgeous blue color.Azulene acts as a powerful antibacterial andanti-inflammatory ingredient. Jojoba oil is the other key ingredient that works to prohibit the overproduction of sebum and treat acne-prone skin while squalene helps to repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Not to mention the bottle is justluxurious as ever looking and the smell is insanely intoxicating.


Banish Oil $49

Key Ingredients:

-Vitamin C: Used by your skin to create elastin and collagen, works as a powerful antioxidant to slow down thebody's aging process and protect your skin.

-Vitamin E: A rich antioxidant and moisturizer. Helps to fade the appearance of both old and new scars. 

-Ferulic Acid: Found in cell walls of plants like apples, rice, and oranges. Helps to stabilize vitamin C.

The Banish Oil is best used on hyperpigmentation and acne scars but the ingredients can work to treat smaller breakouts like whiteheads or blackhead as well. Vitamin c is a powerfulantioxidant that works to brighten the skin, createcollagen, and increase overall elasticity of your skin. Vitamin E is known for its ability to treat acne scars, reduce overall hyperpigmentation, and visibly improve the texture of your skin. Ferulic acid is aplant-based antioxidant than enhances the stability and topical applications of both vitamins C and E. It also works to defend against  environmental  stressors.

Uma Deeply Clarifying Face Oil $125

Key Ingredients:

-Clove essential oil: Combats blemish causing impurities.

-Lavender and Clary Sage: Regulates excessive oiliness while preventing over-drying and breakage.

-Tea tree oil: Purifies the pore and prevents excess oil production.

The Uma Clarifying Face Oil works to combat both impurities andbuildup using botanicalingredients forblemish-prone skin. Itutilizes both lavender and clary sage to moisturize the skin as itbalances the skins natural oil, minimizing excess oil without causingoverdryness. This work also works as a natural barrier fromenvironmental pollutants and impurities that would irritate the skin. This oil is an excellent choice for those with oily or combination skin. It's blended in a grapeseed oil base, that is rich in fatty acids and will help to reduce uneven skin tone or texture.