5 Steps to Master Your Skincare Routine

April 17, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

5 Steps to Master Your Skincare Routine

by Kali Kushner




Many people, including yours truly, have trouble when it comes to sticking to a skincare routine. We want our products to work immediately, and if they don't we have atendency to flip flop between products or just giving up on skincare in general (if this is you,check out this article first).Whether you're a newbie at skincare or a pro, these tried and true tips will help you to stay on track and get the progress you want.


1- be consistent

When staying on track with a skincare routine, consistency isthemost importantpart.Youmustcontinuously useyour skincare to increase ormaintain results.Ifyou're notso keen onorganization orself-discipline when it comes to your skin,makeadefinite schedule and stick to it.Makesureif you plan to mask or exfoliate a few times a week to keep track of how often you are using certain skincare products,alsonot to over exfoliate orunder exfoliate which can hinder your results.

A lot of people tend to doself-careSunday where they take time to pamper themselves with a focus on theirskin,this is a catchy and easy way to remember sticking with your skincareregimen.Ipersonallymask everySunday andWednesday, alternating between a clay mask and an exfoliating mask. How do I remember to do thisand stay on schedule? WineWednesday and Self Care Sunday, of course!


2- stay patient

Remember that new skincare routines take atleastonemonth or one skin cycle to work, andtypically, two to see results. After this point is when you should determine whether or notaroutine is actually working for you. Stay patient and be positive! Results aren't going to happen overnight,especially with acne andanti-aging products.

Try to stick to one routine and not switch up products too often. Testing out new products can always be fun and exciting but try to stick with the same basics for at least a fewmonths, adding in or testing out a new product no more than once every two weeksor once a month.



3- keep organized

Keep all of your skincare products in one place so you can clearly see exactly what you need without scrambling around searching for the perfect mask or spot treatment. Having all of your products in one place makes skincare time relaxing so you can pamper yourself, instead of being stressed out searching for what you need! Make sure you have cotton rounds, tissues, and any other items you may need for toner or makeup remover fully stocked. Try tofill up on products at least a week or two before you run out of them so youdon't run into anyissues when it comes timeto get down to business.


4- track your progress

But how do I stay motivated you may ask? Make sure to check in with your skin (and yourself) weekly. Taking weekly progress pictures of your skin can help you in deciding whether or not a product or routine is working for you. If you see improvement after a month, keep doing whatyou're doing. But if your skin seems to get worse, perhaps try a new method or switching up your routine.

Many people take daily progress photos but I personally think your skin shifts too much on a day to daybasis tojudge it that frequently. Taking comparison photos using this method may lead to feelings of impatience and hopelessness if a routine is not working right away. Remember, consistency and patiencearethe underlyingbasis forstaying on track with a skincare routine.


5- be positive!

You just have to find what works best for you! Remembereveryone's skin is different, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. And what works for you, might not work for someone else. We all have different genetics, diets, andlifestyles;therefor our skin may react differently to certain products or ingredients.Your mind is a powerful tool, if you go into a treatment thinking "this isn't going to work" it can actually hinder your results.Keeppersevering, stay positive, and you'll find what works best for your skin!