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If you have acne scars you have probably heard that you should wear sunscreen. This is because it prevents premature aging as harmful UV rays get rid of collagen which could increase the depth of acne scars. We all know this as it is the first skin care tip that you come across. So you try your best to wear it every day which then creates a whole set of new struggles. The struggle is real. These struggles are shared by people who are told to wear sunscreen every. Single. Day.

1. The Eye Burn Struggle

The worst thing about wearing sunscreen is the burn that comes from it getting in your eyes. It can either melt gradually down your face. Or it can happen when you accidently rub your eye and forget your wearing sunscreen resulting in red eyes. What happens is you have to give yourself a thorough eye wash. This can lead to all of the sunscreens you just applied gone having to just reapply it all over again. This is the worst. This is an exercise in mindfulness. When you wear sunscreen you have to be mindful of how you apply it so that it doesn’t run. A tip is when you touch your eye area, dab around the eye with one finger as opposed to your whole hand to prevent the sunscreen getting into your eye.

2. Not blending

It happens to me daily when a friend will make fun of me for not blending properly. Especially as a guy, it gets in my beard resulting in a white line across my face. It can be tough to have perfect execution all the time as you have to reapply several times a day. When applying sunscreen make sure to do it slowly applying dime-sized portions gradually over time. This will help you blend the sunscreen properly into your skin.

3. Vampire Complexion

Sunscreen is notoriously white. Sometimes applying it can actually make your skin look whiter, making you feel like Edward Cullen. If it bothers you, that you can’t mix in with the sun-kissed folks don’t worry, you just have to find the right sunscreen. There are plenty of products that give you sun protection and not make you look like Casper. Look for something with a “sheer” finish, which will go on clear and make you look hydrated. If you want a little bit of a tan and a bit of coverage there are also sunscreens which have a tint giving you a little color.

4. Messing Up Your Makeup

Yes even if you wear makeup you have to wear sunscreen. Applying sunscreen after your foundation has set can smudge up your work. To prevent this put on the sunscreen over your moisturizer but before the foundation, giving you protection and a flawless face. Or aim for a foundation that contains SPF which will allow you to skip the entire sunscreen process altogether.

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