Starting a new year

October 04, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Sierra

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Four months passed and I had arguably the worst breakout I have ever experienced. My self esteem plummeted. I didn’t want to leave the house unless

I had to so I would only go to work and run necessary errands. Other than that I was hiding in the house.

When I went back to for my next visit my skin was doing much better. I only had a few cysts left with a colony of pitted scars. The doctor then decided I could benefit from cortisone shots for the few cysts that I had left.

I was very pleased with the results of these shots because in a week the cysts were virtually flat. I was now using only the aveeno face wash, the cerave moisturizer and the acanya gel. This regimen was working for me and still is.

I went back for one more visit and by then I had began to regain my confidence. I didn’t feel the need to hide behind foundation and I was now once again focused on my hyper-pigmentation and pitted scarring. Upon my next visit Doctor Brad then said the next step would be to work on the hyper-pigmentation.

He said the condition was called melasma and recommended I consider purchasing Tri Luma. At the moment I did not have $125 to spend on a face product so I decided to just wait it out and see how my skin healed on its own. From January to now (September) I have seen major improvement with my skin. I am also learning just how sensitive my skin is. I am learning my skin more, what upsets it and what it likes. I know that I must be consistent with my skin care even when my skin feels and looks better. I must must must always remove my makeup before bed no matter how tired I am.

I also know that too much dairy and sugar upsets my skin as well and the week before and after my cycle are when my skin is most sensitive. I learned to stick to what works. I still use the Aveeno face wash, I ran out of the Acanya so I no longer use that and I still use the cerave. My current stance with my skin care is to work on the pitted scarring I have. I have done tons of research on ways to correct this scarring and the one that I am most willing to try is Banish Acne.

I was on youtube looking at different videos about pitted scarring and this youtuber (whose name I cannot remember *sad face*) was doing a review on a derma roller that she used to improve her skin after pitted scars. I then went to the Banish Acne website and began to read every clickable link on the website. I was convinced I should try this product from reading only. I then looked at before and after pictures and I was completely sold. The only problem was and is I never have the money to spend on a kit. Being a starving student I am barely able to feed myself and keep my bills paid so purchasing a kit just hasn’t been in my budget.

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