Using My Brains to Achieve Beauty

October 05, 2015 0 Comments

Banish Blog Sierra

By Sierra

So now here I am after years of dealing with horrible skin. I am the happiest I have been with my skin. It is not flawless & poreless like the women in the magazines. But dammit I am pleased and satisfied with the major progress my skin has made in the past 12 months.

Even when I have some bad days, I have some really good days. Right now I feel like I am THE S*&T! (: My makeup routine is so simple yet the results are, AMAZING! I still use the Aveeno face wash as well as the Cerave lotion but I also use Republic facial sunscreen and Olay Regenerist scrub. Adding these two products into my routine has helped improve the texture and tone of my skin.

Back to my makeup routine… After I apply my lotion and sunscreen I then use Benefit color correcting powder to cover up the redness, second is Josie Maran Highlighter I use a dime sized amount and blot over the powder to give my face a dewy glow, next I use benefits porefessional on my cheeks to smooth out the appearance of my pitted scars, MAC honey rose illuminator powder and Too faced chocolate Soleil, I finish my look with MAC mineral finish and Mario Badescu facial spray to set.

Out of all my routines this is the easiest and fastest. I love how natural I look. When I was using liquid and cream foundations I hated how "cakey" I could look sometimes. Using the correcting powder really works for me because I just want a light coverage only on affected areas (which is my cheeks). Now if I never found out about Banish Acne scars I would probably save up my coins in hopes of getting either microdermabrasion or some type of filler injection. But luckily for me and thankfully for youtube I here I am writing blog articles in hopes of reaching my #skin-goals.

My skincare journey has been one for the books; taught me a lot about myself. Like how the condition of my skin has greatly impacted my self esteem. Or how consistency is key even when you begin to see results you must keep doing what you got to get them or your progress will regress. I am now more hesitant to just try a product because it is the new “it” product.

My face is the most sensitive part of my body it's almost like my heart and face are the same in a sense of how sensitive they are. Both are sensitive but resilient at the same time which is how I’ve been my whole life. So soft yet so strong.