Growing up with Acne (Home remedies as ointments)

By Roma

Acne has been a worst part of my life. I have been struggling with it for the past 11 years now. It as been a pure embarrassment for me. When my acne first started I was 15 years old in high school. My mum was not in favor of medication and she therefore, told me to use home based items such as lemon juice, cinnamon powder and many other home remedies on my face but it all got worst because I knew that the problem was inside my body which led to the apparent malfunctioning. However, I kept trying all those natural things and honestly speaking nothing helped.

My acne got worst and even more embarrassing then it was six months ago when it started. I had no knowledge of how to deal with it and how to cover my blemishes with make up. I was fed up of going to school with my acne and eventually kept lying and giving stupid reasons as to why I was missing school. My dad wasn’t really helping me much regarding this. He always told me that it would go away with time but that time never came. I lost all my hopes in my , my social contact was minimizing, I was being isolated from the whole world around me , my friends, family, just everyone.

I stopped looking at myself in the mirror and the times when I did look at myself I really felt miserable. I wanted to do so many things in my life, I had so many plans, I wanted to travel around, discover things, meet new people, explore places but all my plans and hope for the future were fading away. I used to cry in isolation and I remember that I used to ask God “why me” but I never really got an answer. No one understood me. My parents kept telling me that it’s a normal teenage problem and it shall go away soon but they had no idea what I was going through, no one seemed to cared about my sufferings. There was a time in my life when I did not wanted to live anymore because of my acne.

The big red bumps full of puss on my face were enough to end my life but I stayed optimistic, even thought being optimistic about my future was hard for me at that time but I pushed myself to the limits and told myself to deal with my life the way it was. I thought acne had no cure and I had to live with that ugly face for the rest of my life…

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