How Acne Changed my Social Life

November 09, 2015 0 Comments

By Roma

My acne started when I was 16 years old. That’s usually the age when you want to make new friends and conquer the world. You make so many plane for your future. You dress up the best you could and go out for partying, you want to impress people with the way you look but my life was just limited from school to home.

When I was 16, I isolated myself from the world outside. I would always try to hide myself when we had guests over at our place. My mum and dad used to get mad at me for this anti-social behavior of mine but they did not know how badly I was suffering. I was in pain, I felt bad about my self. Looking in the mirror was so challenging for me. I used to cry every night before going to bed.

The only support I had was the experience of other people that I had read on different blogs on the internet but it was hard to relate to them because obviously they were under treatment with good dermatologists and I was not. My acne was chronic. It was painful. I could not resist touching them and popping each new pimple out so that it wont look as bad and popping it out ended in bleeding.

Honestly speaking typing all this is making me cry because of what I had been through. All my friends left me, or maybe I left them. I used to think that walking around with them would be an embarrassment for them. Even though they never said anything of that sort to my face,  its not hard to see when people change. 

I used to be a very motivated and bright student but my acne took away all my courage and my self esteem. I saw my confidence going down to zero. I never knew that my life could end up being so devastating. This was the time when I decided to leave school and I started studied privately, so that no one could see how bad I looked. My acne took away the person who I was and who I always wanted to be. My life was full of tears and broken plans at this point.



These were the worst days.