My Roaccutane Experience

November 17, 2015 0 Comments

By Roma

2 years later, after my acne was on its highest stage or level; my mum finally decided to take me to a dermatologist. I was very happy that day. It felt like a dream come true. I was fully motivated to do everything that my dermatologist was going to suggest me.

So after a complete examination of my skin my doctor prescribed me Roaccutane and she also old me that I should not get pregnant while on this medication. The doctor also told me that there are some side effects of this medicine and the worst one included blood clots in your lower limbs.

I am glad my mum was not with me at that time or else she would have refused to buy me that medicine keeping in mind the side effects. So now I had the medicine and I was taking some other precautionary measures with it too such as avoiding oily food, drinking more water etc.

Roaccutane literally dried out my entire body especially my lips. My mum bought all the expensive body products that she could afford so that my skin wont dry out. It was only after 3 months of the continuous use of Roaccutane that I got to know about another devastating side effect of this medicine. My hairs starting coming off. My mum and I were so upset and I had no option but to stop using this medication.

I started seeing a tiny bit of hope in my life after I took this medication but It did not last for very long and once again I was left to wander in the valley of hopelessness. My acne started to appear again soon after I left taking Roaccutane and this time the out brake was just horrible, worst then ever before.

The doctor told me that Roaccutane was the most powerful steroid that was available to treat acne so far and they could not do much about it as my body showed a wired reaction to the medicine. I wanted to keep using it but the side effects were not allowing me to continue its use.

So once again I saw my self moving towards darkness and towards a horrible life. Everyday I slept hopping for a miracle to happen the next morning that would just take away my acne but the reality was that I had to deal with acne for the rest of my life.