How to Use Toners for Acne

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Toners are essential to those who battle acne. They are great for people who don't suffer from acne as well, since they hydrate and brighten your skin's complexion. Now, let's talk about my experience with toners. Some of the first toners I have used were given to me by my mother.

They were very strong and as a result, they dried my skin to a pulp. These toners were made to control and they had a powerful alcohol base. I want to warn those of you who are looking for a toner to control your acne.  

Stay away from the ones that claim to suppress acne! There are two toners that I am in love with right now. They are both organic (or at least they claim to be). The first one is Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Science Illuminating Toner. Its main ingredients are Clementine and Vitamin C, substances that sooth and nourish the skin, and stimulate cell renewal.

I like to spritz a small amount onto my face after I apply my foundation. This toner makes my face seem like it is radiating after I put my makeup on. To use it, I simply shake the bottle up and spray twice onto my face. With clean hands, I pat the toner into my face and allow my skin to really absorb the nutrients.

I usually do this twice a day: after I get out of the shower and after I wash my face before going to bed. Applying toner right after washing your face is an excellent idea because it locks in the moisture of the water. The second toner that I absolutely love is the Moroccan Rose Facial Toner.  

This one is more expensive than the previous toner, so I don't get it as often. However, this toner immediately freshens my skin, leaving it soft and glowing. When my skin is irritated, this toner calms it down and reduces redness right away. Both of these toners were found at Sprouts Farmers' Market, which is a place that is known for its organic produce and products.

The first toner is lighter than the other one, so I would recommend that one for those who need a bit of something to refresh your skin during your day. The other toner is heavier, which means that it's better suited for the nighttime, when the skin is healing.

It's harder to wear this during the day if you wear other products like sunscreen, moisturizer, lotion, or makeup, because it's just too much packed onto your skin. Try to keep it light during the day so that your face doesn't get tired by all the product on its surface. Alright, good luck with your toners!

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