6 Common Skin Care Mistakes

January 20, 2019

6 Common Skin Care Mistakes

Washing your face is part of the daily routine. It’s the simplest you do to keep your skin looking and feeling clean. But, are you doing it right?

In fact, you could be making a few skincare mistakes and they could be making your acne worse. From picking your skin to choosing the wrong cleanser, simple mistakes you make as part of your skincare routine might actually contribute to worsening breakouts and acne. 

No one wants acne, large oily pores, and uneven skin, right?! 

Look at some common skincare mistakes that worsen acne. 

1. Putting too many ingredients and switching products too often. We want results now! They can have a lot of benefits for the skin and that the more often using them, the faster the skin will become clearer. It is not guaranteed. 

Test out a skincare product for at least 2 weeks or longer which is the general time frame when you test a product.

Give your face a break from these ingredients; especially those that dry out your skin. “Too much of anything is bad for you”. Well, skincare ingredients aren’t an exception.It is important to determine through these questions:What caused the breakout? Did you switch products too often? Did breakouts suddenly occur? 

Switching up too many products at the same time can possibly cause allergic reactions. Find time to isolate each product and find out what you are doing wrong or what is not working for you. Introduce a product one at a time. You can always do a patch test.

2. Skin moisturizer makes the skin oily. This is really a mistake! Regardless if you have oily, combination and dry skin, you never reduce the amount of moisturizer that you are using. One of the most important steps in skincare is moisturizing.  It prevents future breakouts, slows aging and prevents overly enlarged pore from padding with sebum. 

There are good and balancing moisturizers that will hydrate your skin after using acne products and will also get rid of oil on the skin that clogs pores by trying to bring it up to the surface of the skin. So, say YES to moisturizers! 

3. Not wearing sunscreen. Wearing  sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from UV damage. The sun directly attacks the skin’s collagen fibers that are the protein that makes the skin elastic and youthful. Sun makes the skin dry which causes more oil production that results in acne and clogged pores. 

There are oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreens that won’t irritate your skin and won’t clog your pores. Apply an even layer of sunscreen about 10 to 15 minutes before you go out into the sun, so it has a chance to settle into your skin and become active.

skin care practices4. Over-cleansing.Too much cleansing strips your skin of its natural essential oils, causing your oil production to go into overdrive that is causing you acne. If you’re getting a ton of breakouts and you don’t know where they’re coming from, there’s a chance that it’s from  over-cleansing

Rule of thumb in washing your face is to wash 2 times a day- in the morning and at night. But if you work out or do sweat-inducing activities, you need to wash your face or use any beauty toning water instead.

5. Washing the face with hot water.It is going to be the best way to open up your pores and the best way to clean your skin. Definitely this is a mistake because, with  extremely hot water or really hot water, it may open your pores  however you might end up drying your skin.

You might end up stripping off your skin’s natural and protective barrier.  You might strip nutrients from the skin as well if the water is too hot. So it’s best to use lukewarm water instead - something that is not scalding hot - like steam is really good for your skin.

Lukewarm water relaxes your skin and opens your pores, which helps get rid of excess oil, which may cause blackheads and acne.

6. Overnight cure.When we are desperate and in need, we always tend to hear the best thing for our acne. There are spot treatments, detox teas, and supplements that can fix it overnight

No single product can help you cure acne. You need to be mindful of a lot of things such as lifestyle, sleeping habits, diet and mental state that are considered as huge triggers of acne. 

Let us know if you are guilty of any of these skincare mistakes. Comment below! 

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