7 Ways To Transition to a Vegan Diet

August 04, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

1. Take it Slow

The American diet today consists of a lot of dairy and meat so cutting those items out completely is a drastic change for the body. Your body needs time to adjust the same way you need time to adjust to this lifestyle change. Heavy meat eaters should gradually start cutting out meat, and possibly try vegetarianism first. Heavy dairy consumers should likewise gradually cut out little things too, such as cheese first and then ice cream, and so on. By taking it slow, veganism feels less like a diet and a complete exclusion of foods your craving, and starts to become a sustainable lifestyle.

2. Find Vegan Alternatives

While vegan alternatives aren’t necessarily the most affordable, if you ever find yourself having a craving, there are vegan alternatives for almost anything. Eating these vegan alternatives is a great way to make the transition. As veganism is becoming more popular, more vegan restaurants are opening up too.

3. Keep a track of your daily intake

When starting out, especially if you are making a drastic change in your diet, count the amount of nutrients you are getting to make sure you are eating a healthy vegan diet. For example, many may be concerned about getting enough protein, so you can count your protein for the first few weeks of being vegan just to ensure that you are eating healthy.

4. Get your Probiotics

Even most probiotic supplements contain gelatin, which makes it hard for vegans to maintain their probiotic intake. Make sure to incorporate dairy-free yogurt or fermented foods into your diet to make sure your gut is staying healthy throughout your transition.

5. Become more aware of the other aspects of being vegan

Being vegan doesn’t just mean changing your diet. Research other issues that concern the vegan community, such as animal cruelty, environmental changes, and more. Slowly, try to implement these aspects into your life too. This may include refraining from buying products that are not cruelty-free.

6. Do research

There are many different vegan diets that exist such as the high-carb-low-fat vegan diet, low-carb-high-fat vegan diet, or raw till 4 diets. Research the different diets if you are interested and tailor them to your lifestyle.

7. Stay positive

Getting into the mindset to completely change your lifestyle and diet is probably the hardest part of going vegan. So you are already there. Stay positive and hopeful that your transition will be beneficial to your health and body. Making the transition a good experience will help you stay motivated to continue.