7 Ways To Get Rid of Bacne or Back Acne

November 10, 2015 1 min read 0 Comments

Who hasn't experienced acne on their back before? Well, maybe a lot of people but for myself it is definitely a painful and unsightly experience.  Having back acne can make people avoid wearing tank tops, camis, and cute backless dresses but you can enjoy all those outfits with these helpful tips to help clear it up.  



1.  Shower after sweating and exercise. Don't wait to shower, try to wash off as soon as possible. 

2. Don't wear clothes that are too tight.  Stay away from synthetic fabrics and look for clothes made with 100% cotton since it is more breathable and less likely to irritate skin.

3.  Wash your clothes and gym clothes regularly. Also wash and change your bed sheets regularly.

4.  Don't have your backpack rub against your back or neck as that can aggravate bacne.  Switch to a shoulder bag or loosen the straps so the backpack hangs looser against your back.

5. Use non comedogenic products on the back and body. Stay away from products that have dyes.  Try using organic scrubs instead that help slough off dead skin that clogs pore like a peppermint walnut scrub or lavender shortbread cookie scrub.

6.  Try spraying your back with an apply cider toner to help prevent and kill bacteria from forming on your back.

7.  Cut back on greasy and high calorie foods.  

Do you have any tips for clearing up back acne?

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