Results from Banish and my Struggle With Acne

November 19, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

3 months after banish

Products Purchased & Used: 

Pen Stamp kit, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Glycolic & Rose Masque, M Banish Kit, Vitamin C Creme, Vitamin C Elixir

Skin Type: Combination, mostly dry.

My Story:

I've tried every natural remedy possible for cystic acne and hyper pigmentation including baking soda masks which ruined and dulled out my face. After hearing about these products I purchased the Pen Stamp kit for active acne and put on the Vitamin C Serum and woke up with youthful glowing skin and reduced pores, acne redness.

The Pumpkin enzyme masque really helped freshen my face and clean off all the hidden junk in my pores to give me a soft fresh skin look. After I stopped waking up to around 5 new acne marks a day I purchased the M banisher kit and actually found it easier on the face than the stamp. It has really expedited the process and made it easier to do large ares of my face faster.

The Vitamin C Creme and Elixir were very refreshing and helped in the lightning process. I have more pictures of my cheeks that I'll have to submit separately from this. I honestly thank god for being able to find these products and be able to take my chances on getting them but I can say for the price they certainly are fresh and the results are pretty much guaranteed.

I used to cry every night because my cystic acne came out of nowhere randomly sophomore year of high school and now I'm a senior and its finally getting better and better. Milk products broke me out, out of nowhere and these products are helping me to erase the map of all my previous marks on my face and healing the rest. Hopefully soon I'll be confident sporting a naked face and not have to worry about the marks.

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