Pumpkin Enzyme Masque Review

September 13, 2016 0 Comments

By Mari

As I have said in a previous article already, I have previously bought the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque from Banish a month ago and it did definitely help by me clear up my acne scars, and after watching several reviews, I have noticed that the Derma Roller is something that I have never heard of in my country or have never used on my own face and I thought it would be worth it to write about my experience since Banish was generous enough to even give way for me and other people who cannot afford the kit.


I actually did not buy the product directly from Banish but I got it from someone I know who left around 90% of it since she bought another one. I bought it from her at 1,470 php which is pricier than the $29 converted into peso which is only 1,370 php so I pretty much was really desperate to get my hands on Banish’s pumpkin enzyme masque because of the progress I have seen from many others on their website. My experience with the pumpkin enzyme masque from banish was like the other products I have used before wherein it did help me but after some time, until it my skin was not used to it and started reacting badly. I think that having hyperacidity also made my face react badly towards it since it is not used to pumpkins. I loved the smell of the product though because it made me really just want to eat instead of putting it on my face.


Looking at the other people who have tried other Banish products just made me want to try the other ones because I have never seen a company so willing to help those suffering from really bad acne condition. That is why I did more research and watched more reviews I found on Youtube and other websites. I was blessed to be able to gain the information about the derma roller wherein I have read it actually makes the brain come to thinking that when small needles are pushed to the skin it needs to help the skin feel the need to regenerate. Since the body is amazing, making the skin think that it is wounded would enable the skin to replenish and make a new layer in order to replace the old one which is what I must say is genius! Helping out the skin so that it would renew itself is something I would definitely want to try because acne has been too friendly to me almost all throughout my entire life and I am really hoping that Banish continues to have good intentions into helping the people in need like me who just wants to have better skin in their life.