8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

May 01, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Meredith

Knowledge is power and it pays to know these helpful beauty tips and tricks to help you weasel out even in the tightest of situations and manage your way to look and feel beautiful inside out.

Out of deodorant?

That is not a problem if you have hand sanitizer, just apply a small amount to your armpits! Hand sanitizer has antibacterial properties that get rid of the bacterial odor from your armpits.

Summer sweat or just plain oily?

Just go to the bathroom and blot your face with a piece of toilet paper. The toilet paper will absorb all the excess oil. This works better if you pile the toilet paper in half so there is one sheet. The thinner it is the easier it will remove the oil and not your makeup. Toilet seat cover papers work even better and look like actually very similar to blotting paper.

Ran out of loose powder?

A quick lifesaver for baking the under eye without loose powder is using baby powder. Use it the same way you would apply your loose powder and your undereye will be as bright as it would be if you used loose powder. I do not recommend using baby powder as a permanent alternative, even though it is so cheap, it is not meant to be put on your face.

No makeup wipes?

Just grab some coconut oil in the kitchen! When you rub a tablespoon amount all over your face, just like you would a cleanser, the coconut oil melts off all the makeup. After you massaged your face, you can grab a wet face cloth and wipe away to oil for a clean face. This works great, especially with eye makeup. Vaseline is a similar alternative if you do not have coconut oil.

Need to wash your makeup brushes?

Instead of buying expensive brush cleansers every month just use baby shampoo! Baby shampoo works amazing and just as good for cleaning makeup brushes as any brush cleanser. You will save more than half your money when you use baby shampoo instead.

Don’t have time to go to the salon to fix your roots?

Don't worry if your roots are showing because I have a trick for you. just grab an eyeshadow brush and pick the closest shadow color you have to your hair. Apply the shadow direct on the roots to camouflage and cover it up. This also works if you use eyebrow pomade.

Want a perfect wing?

Doing winged eyeliner is a struggle for every girl. To make this process easier place a piece of tape on the outside of your eyes, going from the outer corner of your eye to the tail of your eyebrow. This makes sure your eyeliner will be straight and even.

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