8 Ways for Better Hydration This Summer

April 28, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

By: Jade

Staying hydrated:
I cannot go on about staying hydrated enough, it is so important and a key in helping acne-prone skin. I can really notice when I have not drunk enough in the day. I often feel tired and sometimes get a really bad headache. There are of course other symptoms of dehydration such as, feeling thirsty, feeling dizzy or faint, a dry mouth and dry skin. Although it is important to drink enough fluids in the day it is also important to make sure that those drinks keep you hydrated as well. Try to minimize fizzy drinks, alcohol, and caffeine as these can act as diuretics and leave you even more dehydrated. Your body is made up of 75% water so it is key to stay hydrated to keep your body functioning. There are some useful tips to help keep you hydrated if you are a victim to becoming dehydrated.

1. Try having squash or flavored water.

This can help particularly if you do not like the taste of water, it makes your glass of water more enjoyable and it can be easier to keep on top of your water level intake.This can help particularly if you do not like the taste of water, it makes your glass of water more enjoyable and it can be easier to keep on top of your water level intake.

2. Try having water rich foods.

Things like watermelon, grapes, cucumber and other fruits can contain a high level of water which all adds up, helping to keep your body going.

3. Try always having a bottle with you as a reminder to keep drinking.

You can also get water bottles with times on the side so that you know how much to have drunk throughout the day.

4. Keep reminders.

Having reminders on your phone or every time or you do a regular activity or the adverts come on while watching TV get a drink. These can be helpful if you are likely to forget.

5. Drink before your get thirsty.

If you do get thirsty when you are dehydrated, do not wait until that point as this can be an early sign that you are already becoming dehydrated. Prevention is better than a cure.

6. Stay away from salty foods.

Avoid high salt foods as these can leave the body dehydrated.

7. Drink before you start your day.

Have a big glass of water when you wake up as this helps to stimulate the body and particularly as you have not had a drink all night, chances are your body will need it.

8. Hydrate before and after the gym.

Remember to drink water before and after exercise especially as the body would have been sweating to keep you cool, you will need to replace the loss of fluid in your body.

These can all be helpful in keeping yourself hydrated but it is important to find what works for you and getting into the habit of having enough fluid.

Benefits of staying hydrated are:

  • It improves mental alertness and concentration.
  • Helps with digestion as it keeps movement flowing through the body.
  • Softer and clearer skin as the cells are more hydrated.
  • Helps to keep the kidneys functioning properly, less susceptible to kidney stones or failure.
  • Better athletic performance because you are not tired of the lack of water.
  • Helps to flush out unwanted toxins in the body. 


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