Beauty Tips I Learned from my Acne Journey

February 24, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

By Alyssa

I became a lot more conscious of what touches my skin because of my acne. True enough, it is time-consuming and but I don’t really consider it as a burden. Instead, it has helped me to take care of my skin really well, thus, preventing any other skin disorders and premature aging. The following are some tips I learned throughout my journey.



First of all, please, clean your face every night -- gently but thoroughly. Removing all gunk from your face helps your skin to breathe and repair at night. But this does not stop here! Throughout the day, you may not avoid exposure to pollution but you can avoid what touches your face – your hands, cellphone, hair, scarf, blanket, and pillow. Keep these things away from your face and it will really make a difference.



Moisturizer is never your enemy even if you have super oily skin (for now). When I first learned this, I was also a bit skeptical at first but look at me now, preaching about it to others. But if you do have combination/oily skin, make sure to opt for the non-comedogenic and lightweight counterparts. Not only that it doesn't block pores, it is also goes easy on your skin. One more thing, it does not have to be expensive for it to work. You can still buy the drugstore-bought ones.



Prevention is better than cure. You may have probably heard of this overused adage for ages yet you still skip on the sun protection. Times are aging and the ozone layer is depleting. That's why you need it more than our ancestors that lived long before us. If you do now, you deserve an applause because you'll definitely prevent premature skin aging, skin discoloration, and yes, skin cancer (some lose their eyes and nose due to this) years from now. If not, do it today and thank me later.



I am not even Australian but I support exfoliating our skin at least twice a week. This step is different from cleansing wherein you remove dirt buildup throughout the day. But with exfoliation, you remove dead and dry skin that will inevitably block pores and form new acne. And you don't want that, right?



Even acne! So make sure to maketime for sleep and relaxation. It is the only time when your body repairs itself – removing toxins out of your system. Make sure hit the bed not later than 10pm because this is when repair and toxin disposal starts. And that occurs only when we sleep. On the other hand, concerning your daily regimen, lettime to pass to see if the products you’re using works. If it’s not working – not for a little bit after three months have passed – maybe it’s time to move on and try a new product.



Every individual is created differently. That’s why some products may work for some but for you it won’t – even if it is the “most effective” product or beauty tip or technique. Let’s take the oil cleansing method as an example. When I first learned about this, I immediately jumped at it and tried it at home. But try as I might, it really doesn’t work for me. It just worsen my acne. Your acne journey most probably be the same as mine – trying one product to the next and one eating lifestyle at a time. But I guarantee you, it will happen. It will go away. Don’t give up yet. :)