Healthier-er Food Alternatives for a Clearer Skin

February 21, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Alyssa

You’re already eating healthy. You skip white rice and opt for the brown or black one. You reduce the use of mayo and add mustard. I get it. But you can be healthier than that! Yep, you read it right and here’s how:


1. Quinoa seeds and Sweet Potato

Rice is the Asian's staple food. We eat everything with rice. We even eat rice alone (rice cakes). But having a lightbulb moment that rice is actually worse than sugar (whether it's organic or brown rice), I decided to leave my cultural heritage behind. And if you're not aware, sugar breaks collagen and disrupts your hormones. How much more are the drastic effects if you're insulin resistant? But no worries, quinoa got our backs. You can eat it the same way you eat your rice and you'll get a lot fiber minus the large heap of carbohydrates.

2. Dates and Figs

Instead of indulging into a Snicker bars and packaged cookies, why not try dates and figs? It still tickles your taste buds but without the guilty pleasure. Both dates and figs are packed with fiber and antioxidants -- both of which are kind to your skin. BUT it still contain (natural) sugar so better not fill your tummy with these healthy treats.

3. Avocado Dip

Skip the high-calorie ranch dressing and embrace this good-looking dip. Just a dash of sea salt and black pepper goes a long way with your mashed avocado. Certainly incomparable with the usual processed dressings out in the market.

4. Lettuce Wraps

Why not lose yourself for a moment and eat out as your inner Korean. Instead of pairing your juicy patties with buns, try it with lettuce! Cut out all that unnecessary carbs in one meal!

5. Nuts

If you like munching snacks day in and day out, worry no more for I got (an old) news for you! Definitely, this is not the first time that you have read about this. But just to remind you to put that bag of chips now. Nothing on that bag does good for you and your body and your skin. Take note that even though nut contains healthy fats, it is STILL fat. So be careful how much you munch!

6. Coconut Flour

Pastries made with white refined flour can spike up your blood sugar level way too fast. One quick fix to that is to substitute your main cooking buddy with coconut flour. You must take note however, that baking with coconut flour is so much different as compared to regular flour. If you don’t separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat it into soft peaks, it will simply taste like dirt. There’s no other way. But all the effort is worth it if it’s for a clearer skin, right?



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