My Favorite Detox Teas and Smoothies

March 03, 2016 0 Comments

By Alyssa


1. Yogi Detox

When I buy teas, I don't really look for the catchphrase "Detox" on the packaging. I look for the reviews of the company first, then the ingredients of the tea if it's a blend. After I saw burdock as one of its ingredients - SOLD! Not to mention that it also has dandelion, ginger, licorice, and cinnamon blended with it.

Okay, the polarity of the reviews of this tea is really strong. Some really hate the product as a whole and consider it as a waste of money. While there are others who really love both the taste and the smell and found it very effective. I am with the latter. The ginger and clove makes its smell very appealing to me –sweet and spicy. Regarding the taste, the ginger and the cinnamon stands out the most. Its spiciness depends on how hot your water is and how long you brew it. Usually I reuse the teabag 2-3 times. I totally recommend this tea for those starting out with detox.

2. Ginger Tea

If I wanted a fresh, hot, spicy drink down my throat, I cut a finger-sized ginger root into pieces, slip it inside a tea bag and make it into tea. I prefer my ginger tea without honey or any add-ons. Here's an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying elixir for you.

3. Parsley Tea

If you haven't included parsley in your meals for a while, another way to still benefit from its detoxifying capabilities is by making it into tea. In that small cup of tea is proven to be cancer-fighting, immune-enhancing, and detoxifying.

4. Celery-Spinach/Kale-Carrot-Orange Smoothie

I make these smoothies more often than the others since the ingredients can stay fresh longer in the cupboard or fridge. Definitely a thumbs up!

5. Mint-Parsley-Berries

If I want something fruity, I'll go for this one. You don't have to worry about the sugar content of the berries as the mint leaves will take care of lowering your blood glucose level by making your metabolism cooperative.

6. Coriander-Avocado-Banana Smoothie

Among the bunch, this is my favorite in terms of taste. The creaminess of avocado mixes well with banana. There's still no need to honey on this one to sweeten it. Let's leave that job to the banana. But let’s not forget about the coriander which is the main detoxifying agent here. Just a handful of this herb is very effective in purifying our blood streams.

7. Beetroot Smoothie

Of all detox drinks, this one is my favorite (the taste is bearable). After three days of drinking this smoothie, I can drastically see the improvement on my skin's texture and color, thus making me look well-rested. Thanks to beetroot's capability to improve blood circulation. So far, I have no new pimples and my scars haven't completely faded but I'll surely drink this smoothie on the days ahead. And-oh to improve taste you can add apples and carrots.

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