Boost Your Confidence!

by: JYHeleneK

I believe that acne is also caused by not being positive, by not being happy etc. Why?

One simple reason, if your body is stressed and tired, your immunity gets all the poisonous stuff out of your body in pimples way.

I have to be honest, I do not have proof for it. But I have again been living it in some way.

Currently I do not love my job, I even hate it! I hate it to the point that every time I get angry. I get some kind of indigestion and of course I get pimples

One of my younger brother, who started meditating, suggested me to try it out; because it calms your soul down. In order to do so, you really need to schedule it every day and make it a habit to do it 10 to 15 minutes or more, I am currently using 'Headspace' and I bought a one or two year membership. Because I told myself that it would be good for myself. There is a free 10 sessions when you first use it and the rest is done through the membership.

Since I have been on 'Headspace', I feel more relaxed. I usually meditate the day I need to work, because I need to calm myself and tell myself that I would appreciate my job and that it would be good for my career.

In my opinion, we can not have everything and by meditating, you open a window that will calm you and make you like something that you hate.

Try it.

One other thing I do is to say my agenda affirmations out loud. I learned about this in the book 'the miracle morning' which also recommends meditating.

I say every few days 'By the year 2016, I will have a better skin'. By telling myself things like this, I switch my positions in something. I tell myself that I will find a way to have a better skin.

This also works, you should definitely try it!

These are example of a few things that I do, by changing your mindset to being positive, you help yourself believing in it. And by doing so, it has boost my confidence a lot. Of course I do have my 'down' days when I cannot feel anything.

But you need to push yourself in believing in it. Trust me on this. Because I have been living it myself.

The only thing I still miss is taking a picture of myself because I still think that my face is not perfect enough.

(Note that I am not sponsored for anything. And that I try everything myself before writing about ).


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