My Acne Today

February 09, 2016 0 Comments

by: JYHeleneK


Today my acne is better, because I have been back in Belgium for the last 8 months. Well my skin definitely got better after I left Hong Kong and traveled down under by backpacking Australia and New Zealand.

One main thing was due to the fact that I did not need to wear make up anymore. I was backpacking and I had no time for this little detail of make up.

Of course because I had acne, guys were not that interested in me. But 'ok' I had some 'on' and 'off' stories while on this trip. But this is not for this report. In brief, guys liked my personality and my acne was for them something else.

So I prove to you that beauty is just an addition to your personality, it is not the 'wouah' factor to guys. So be happy, show your true self to guys. Even if you are depressed.

But since I got back to Belgium, my skin has been up and down, this is because of my 'hate' and 'love' affection for my job because I am not happy with it. But currently nobody wants to employ me in a different department in the hospitality industry. Because I have only worked on the operational side of the hotels.

You are probably wondering why I am not quitting yet, well this is because of my CV, if you are job hopper, nowadays you are not well seen by companies. I really want to change and quit, but the only thing pushing me until the end is my CV and my meditating time.

Like a job is important to your health and your skin. In order to treat your body well, you need to take out all negative things out of your life, even if you need to survive it.

I do say a lot bla bla bla – because all this is a matter of believing that you will get better, changing the mindset.

My acne is better, my skin is softer. Maybe this is because of the pill and the meds. But a lot is due to me and my mindset. Trust me on this.

Affirm the things you believe in and you will feel better, if it wasn't for the books I read, throughout the last few months, I would not be positive about all this. But because I believe in getting better, I feel different. Even if I still do not like taking photos and post photos without modifying them.