A Deeper Meaning Behind Skincare Routines

January 12, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Honey

Growing up, I’ve never really understood the hype of skincare routines. Actually, I thought the only people who needed to worry about their skin on a daily basis were middle-aged women with wrinkles threatening close. But with the growing trend of teen girls and young ladies starting to invest in skincare- a trend that mainly originated in beauty meccas like Korea- I decided to start looking into it myself.

As a child, I didn’t struggle too much with acne. I had chronically dry skin, but even that didn’t inspire me to look for a good moisturizer. But as high school wore on, and stress and hormones ruthlessly took their toll on me, my skin began to suffer. I needed to start paying attention to my face. I used a 5-in-1 daily acne cleanser occasionally, thinking I could lazily hit many birds with one stone, but it was evident after a while that it wouldn’t be enough.

I started looking into new products. The process was expensive, and it was frustrating to have a growing pile of products on my bathroom countertop that proved useless. At this point, my skin was irritated and riddled with scarring and rough patches due to neglect and incompatible products. That’s when it hit me: I needed to start doing my research. After reading articles and listening to testimonies from people with similar conditions, I found out that I had very dry, acne-prone skin. Now, the real test of finding a routine to heal my face would happen.

The most basic skincare routine consisted of a cleanser, toner, and then moisturizer. People more experienced in skincare would add even more steps. So now, I’m slowly trying out new products that work for me. In my journey, I did learn a few things. Skincare wasn’t just about the vain aspect of looking beautiful without makeup- it was a lifestyle. To explore and craft a personalized routine was a challenge in itself, but it also strengthened my self-control and taught me how to stick to a routine.

Morning; night. Eat healthier. Don’t pick at your skin. These reminders drifted around in my mind. Even if face results were slow, I learned how to be more mindful and controlled. Taking pride in my routine and journey to understand my skin was no longer vain to me. I admire others who have a solid array of products that they understand. And it’s because I know the frustrating process behind the scenes that it required to get to that point. Skincare is a lifestyle.