A Slice Of Watermelon A Day for Skin

August 11, 2016 0 Comments

From Annie

Watermelon is a summer fruit that cools you down when chilled and also contains a lot of nutrients, such as lycopene, Vitamin A and, Vitamin C ... Let’s explore the benefits they bring!

Skin care

You'll want to add  this fruit into the daily menu soon after finding out what it does for your skin!  Watermelon contains vitamin A to promote  the growth of new tissue and skin cells. This will help your skin look brighter and more moisturized too!

Eyes improvement

Watermelon is great to hydrate yourself with during hot summer days and it can help with eyes. The amount of vitamin A in them will significantly reduce risk of blindness when you age.

Reduce muscle soreness post workout

Watermelon has a very good effect in reducing pain and inflammation in the muscles. Many studies show that people who drink watermelon juice an hour before exercise decreased pain after 24 hours and their heart rate recovery improved too.

Disease Prevention

The consumption of large amounts of vitamin C in watermelon can help to increase resistance to bacteria by improving your immune system and it reduces the risk of development of asthma. Watermelon can also help improve your overall health.

Bones strengthening

Watermelon can contribute to bone health. It includes lycopene and potassium which has been shown to reduce the risk of bone and joint deterioration due to injury.

Reduce cancer risk

In this fruit contains anti-cancer substances such as lycopene - which reduces prostate cancer. They are also very helpful in reducing the risk of cancer due to the antioxidant properties, too.

Improve health care

Watermelon helps decrease the amount of excess fluid of the body without making kidneys overwork. Thanks to this, we can reduce the pressure on the kidneys while removing excess fluid and reduce the risk of kidney stones.


Since watermelon containing high sugar people with diabetes should limit consumption.

Do not eat them immediately after a meal, wait an hour after so the fruit doesn't cause indigestion

Do not eat too much, just enough for 2-3 pieces of moderate / day.