Acne for Teenagers Starting Highschool

By: Kelly

Before the summer of freshman year, I moved to California with my aunt which meant a new school, new friends, and a completely new world.  I was going to live with her and my cousins, with acne on my face. Like I said in my previous article, I wear foundation every single day,  so luckily having coverage was not a problem.  

On my first day of high school, I actually met my first friend the first few minutes of walking in for the first time. My first year wasn't that bad,  but I was so self-conscious of my skin I never went bare faced at school or home.  In PE, we had to do swimming and I did it in make up. When I got out of the water I reapplied my makeup and I hated looking in the mirror. All my classmates and my friends seemed to have clear skin, but as high school flew by, I definitely still wore foundation but I had to have fun.  

I joined a sport, left friends and made new ones; it was definitely one bumpy roller coaster ride. I'm definitely not popular or on the bottom of the social pyramid,  but whoever you are,  enjoying high school is something that you should do if you have the chance of living the experience. Don't let acne hold you back. I know acne for teenagers is tough but never let that limit you. I am very self-conscious of my skin, but I can't let it control my actions and my life.

I do have a skin care routine that is minimizing the number of breakouts against. Cetaphil in the morning, Clearasil Ultra at night,  Pond’s moisturizer, and Burt’s Bees Daisy dark spot corrector. Not to forget my Witch Hazel toner. So far, this is working for me, but these acne scars don't want to disappear. I'm a freshman, so hopefully, I can get a job to buy myself better skin care products. My skin care knowledge improved a lot, so hopefully, I found a skincare routine I will use for a long time.If you happen to be like me or even a college student, make the most out of this experience.

Even if acne for teenagers can be quite a challenge, just have a positive attitude. As I said before, don't make some pesky spots and blemishes keep you from having fun.  I currently finished my first year of high school, and it felt like it disappeared in a snap. Only three years left, I got to make it good.

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