Acne Skin Care Products

May 26, 2017 0 Comments

Thinking back at the acne skin care products I have used to try and get rid of my acne scars make me laugh out loud. I can remember asking my sister to run to the store for me to buy plain white yogurt and the curry spice turmeric. There was this blog I had read about mixing the two ingredients with honey and slathering it on your face. Leaving it on the face for about 5-10 minutes as a make daily would help with fading acne scars still present. Well, suffice to say all it did was turn my face all yellow.

So much funnier and outrageous stories I could tell about my twenty plus years of acne issues. They all seemed better than the scars. Nothing came worse than having a zit pop up unexpectedly, even a yellow face wasn’t as embarrassed.

Over the years all the investments I have tried with doctors and dermatologist feels like they all just lead to a dead end. There can’t possibly be any type of acne skin care product that can help me. That can encourage me to stand out and help prove to myself that I can make a difference. No matter my self-esteem of my appearance I want nothing more than to stand up in front of the crowd and not worry about what they think about my face. I am excited for this new journey to being for me.

As you may be curious to know, I am not holding my hopes too high. I have come to the realization that there will never be an acne skin care product that will 100% heal my face and skin from the acne and scars. The package has arrived and I will follow the directions of how to use it before bed. It may not be the starter kit but the roller will be the first product I have used over the past year. I have given up on products and treatment. I have just used natural oils and home remedies to clean and exfoliate my skin.

It is an exciting opportunity to try a new acne skin care product that has been able to show significant results on others, just like me, struggling with gaining control of their acne and acne scars. I am fortunate to be trying this product for the first time this weekend. Thanks to the help of my family and friends, they have been so supportive of me since the beginning of this journey. They have seen me fall to the deepest of depression and insecurity.