All Natural Hair Masks

July 01, 2016 0 Comments

By Emily

dry hair

Hair masks can be a lifesaver and we've all experienced those times where our hair has needed one desperately. Unfortunately, it's hard to know what exactly to be putting on your hair for it's specific needs. So here's a little cheat sheet telling you exactly what you need whether your hair be damaged, in need of moisture, or if you're simply trying to grow it out!


Egg is a wonderful thing when it comes to dry or damaged hair. It acts as a fortifier putting needed protein back into your hair. Depending on your other hair needs, you can mix egg with whatever you like, or keep it simple with one ingredient!

  • Egg & Avocado: Mix together 1/2 an avocado and 2 eggs. Then apply to hair for about 20-25 minutes and rinse thoroughly! The egg will give you that fortification to help protect against even more damage and the avocado will give you shiny, moisturized locks. You may also add a TSP of olive oil or coconut oil for added shine and hydration!
  • Egg & Banana: Puree 1 whole banana in a blender and mix it with 2 eggs. Pureeing is important if you don't want residual chunks of banana in your hair. Apply this for 20-25 minutes then rise thoroughly! Banana is a great ingredient when it comes to a dry and itchy scalp or just keeping your hair hydrated! Mixing banana with egg will give you the benefits of strong hair as well as hydrated! Mixing in a Tsp of olive oil will give you a little extra moisture if needed.

By making sure hair grows, we are also making sure to prevent potential breakage or hair loss.

  • Castor Oil: Castor oil is a great hair growth treatment and can even be used for eyebrows and eyelashes! Castor oil is very greasy, so adding it to your conditioner is the easiest way to go, but you can also use it by yourself if you're looking for faster results! Massage into your scalp once a week and use a shower cap to lock in heat.
  • Onion Juice & Honey: This one sounds a little crazy and may cause some sniffles but onion juice is very beneficial if your hair is thinning! Onions are very healthy for your hair and the strong smell will be diluted with that drop of honey. Juice a small onion in your juicer and then add 1-2 Tsp of honey. Leaving this one on overnight and thoroughly shampoo in the morning. Use this once a week for as long as needed for best results!

There are numerous amounts of household ingredients that can add moisture to your hair, and the great thing is, you can mix and match! Here is a list of great moisturizing ingredients for your hair.

  • Coconut oil
  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Olive oil

Let us know which one is your favorite recipe!