All About Laser Resurfacing

February 09, 2017 0 Comments

By: Tierney

I have tried a lot of things for my acne. I will go to the ends of the earth to find something that will benefit my skin. I noticed that no matter what products I’ve used, I wanted to just go one step farther. This lead me to research the best treatments for my skin based on the problem areas, the type of my skin, and even the color. 

The first thing that I saw was a pretty invasive procedure. It is called laser resurfacing. Basically, it sheds the top layer of your skin to promote new cells to be on the surface. This is for any scarring, freckles, eczema, etc. I used this because I have acne scarring. When getting this done, I won’t lie, it hurt. A lot. It felt like 1000 pins and needs going right into your skin. It was also very hot. It was like they were frying your face with the needles. 

They first cleanse your face to make sure it is clean. Then, they put a mask over your eyes since your eyes are so sensitive. Then, they heat up the needle and go over your face. You can get this done over your whole face, or on a specific area. I got mine done on my cheeks because that is my problem area. This procedure took about a half hour. Once it was done, I was so glad. It hurt and I just wanted to be done. 

When getting off the bed and looking at my face, it was bright red. Redder than a tomato. And it was hot to the touch. I was so thankful it was over, but then got immediately sad when the doctor told me I would need at least two or three more treatments to really see results. I wasn’t happy about that, considering that it was $350 just to get one treatment done. I did not see any improvement because I did not keep up with a second appointment. 

I could not afford this treatment, as well as the pain quality. Maybe if I stuck to this treatment I would have had a more successful outcome. If I was rich and didn’t have to put myself through college, maybe I would make this a part of my routine. If not once a month, then maybe every 2-3 months. Beauty is pain … in your wallet. Why does everything have to be so expensive?