How to Wear Makeup when you Have Acne

December 17, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Taylor

As I stood looking in the mirror just hours before my college graduation, I was filled with dread at the thought of trying to cover up all the blemishes and acne scars on my face. I paced in my room trying to stay calm because I knew there was not much I could do to completely cover everything, and I was plotting ways to strategically conceal the large blemish right in between my eyes.

One would think that makeup and acne would go hand in hand. Isn't that what makeup is for? Makeup is meant to cover up blemishes and to create a more polished and perfect appearance. However, I have found that wearing makeup while dealing with acne is no walk in the park. In fact, makeup usually makes my acne look even worse. This phenomenon is something that I still do not understand. What is the point of makeup when it simply amplifies acne and clogs the pores even more?

It took me over an hour to do my foundation for my graduation ceremony that day, but I had everything covered just right. That meant I could not hug anyone too tight, or get too close to any of my friends or family or my makeup will get smudged and my blemishes will be revealed. Essentially, I could not fully enjoy the day because I was worried about the rain washing off my foundation or smudging my concealer on my grandfather's white button-up shirt when he gave me a hug.

After years of entertaining a love-hate relationship with makeup due to my breakouts, I have come to a conclusion that works for me. Here are the golden rules that I have come to embrace and live by when it comes to acne, makeup, and how to deal with it all.

  1. Do not wear makeup when you do not have to.
  2. Always moisturize your face before applying any makeup.
  3. Invest in a really good primer.
  4. For dry blemishes, dab Neosporin on the spot you want to cover 30 min before you cover with foundation.
  5. Always take your makeup off before bed with a makeup removal wipe and then a scrubbing facial brush.
  6. Use a small eyeshadow brush to cover problem blemishes with concealer.
  7. Always set your face with setting powder and finishing spray.
  8. Carry a bottle of lotion in your purse to touch up dry patches of skin.
  9. Never touch your face with your hands.
  10. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

I have found that these rules have made a difference in the way makeup looks on my skin, even when I have blemishes. I hope these tips work for you too!

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