Back Acne: What’s That On My Back?!

June 15, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Face acne was already more than enough for me, then I saw it. I got out of the shower and was getting dressed, but I saw a spot on my back. A breakout. Life couldn’t get any worse. BACK ACNE?! Are you kidding my hormones? I have breakouts and scars, but that was just it for me. I got a benzoyl peroxide cream called Panoxyl and used that. That stuff completely irritated my skin. My skin became flaky and red, and oily. And after a few weeks, my back got covered in breakouts and marks. My chest even got some too, not as bad though.

I definitely would recommend something gentle for the skin. Cetaphil is definitely one of my go tos. After months of harmful chemicals, here and there, I went for some natural or sensitive skin products. Didn’t kill my acne right away, but do what Selena Gomez says, “Kill Em’ With Kindness”. Use lotion or moisturizers with SPF, because acne or not everyone needs protection from the sun. Which reminds me, do not tan your back acne or acne scars. It’s basically a short-term mask to hide your skin problems, but it won’t last long. And I definitely learned that the hard way. I love coming back home from the beach, tan skin and my skin looking decent, then a few months later, it comes back much worse. Just put your sunscreen on kids.

As of now, my body acne definitely got worse, but it’s mostly acne marks all over my back and a breakout popping up sometimes. I hate having tops that I absolutely like, and not wanting to wear it because it shows breakouts on my body. I love summer, just not the bathing suit aspect of it. There are so many things that can cause breakouts on your skin, which really causes me anxiety. Germs on your pillowcase, touching your face, not washing your hands, makeup, etc. can cause acne.

That’s scary especially with acne, that literally anything can make pimples pop up. Sunscreen is definitely one of the top things anyone should start using in your daily routine, it will greatly help you in the future. You can do things now, that can make a greatly impact in the future. It will only take just a second, you’ll hopefully thank me later.

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