Banish is donating $5 for every starter kit sold to the Rainforest Foundation!

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Banish is donating $5 for every starter kit sold to the Rainforest Foundation!

By Daisy Jing

I was born in Linfen China in 1989. At that time, Linfen was the #1 most polluted city in the world. It’s such that if you walk outside with a white shirt on, you come back home with a grey shirt.

VICE did a documentary about my hometown. It’s so sad to see the rates of birth defects, cancers, health problems are much higher than in other areas. 

The reason for pollution? A bunch of coal companies coming in and digging up coal.

Today new regulation in Linfen has made it the #50 most polluted city in the world. 



I do not take for granted that I can see the sky, in all its shade of blue: cerulean, turquoise, sky, 

I can lay outside and can dream of pictures in the clouds

I can breathe fresh cut grass and smell the ocean breeze, without having to cough or wear a face mask


This is what we take for granted. I hope none of us will experience what unfortunately so many others experience, living in areas of pollution and waste


This week, Banish will be donating $5 for every starter kit purchase to the Rainforest foundation. It’s important that we take care of our surroundings because the earth is the only place for us and our children to call home


Additionally, we’ve been listening to YOU, our Banish Soldiers, to reduce waste at Banish!

  • → Do you know about our new recycling program? Send back 5 empty Banish jars for an extra 2000 loyalty points! We cover domestic shipping!
  • → We recently launched our  Banish stick that’s wrapped in the cutest Banish sock! Instead of packaging the stick in a clunky box w/styrofoam, we decided to wrap it in a sock that our soldiers can wear time and time again!
  • → We are also working hard behind the scenes to create more environmentally friendly packaging… stay tuned!


Also here are some tips I do to help the environment, feel free to take inspiration and tell me, what are some things you do for the environment? Our efforts for the environment don’t have to be big! small consistent efforts make a big difference!


-Limit consumption of red meat: I tried going vegan. I tried for 4 months and then relapsed. However, what I’ve learned from this experience is it doesn’t have to be ALL OR NOTHING. I now limit my meat intake to less than 5% of my diet. I also try to limit my intake of red meat: popular red meat requires 28x more land to produce than pork or chicken; when compared to potatoes, rice, wheat, the impact of beef per calorie requires 160x more land and produces 11x greenhouse gases

-Remember to recycle! That means rinse your milk cartons, yogurt containers, etc. before putting it in the recycling

-Resell your items and purchase second-hand clothing: shop at second-hand stores, purchase from ebay/poshmark

-Purchase second-hand furniture! Most of my furniture has been donated 

-I keep a bunch of grocery bags in my PASSENGER seat so I won’t forget them in the grocery store

-Air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer

-Look into investing in an electric vehicle, taking public transportation, even choosing Uber carpool!

-Bring your own mug to Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop


Our efforts don’t have to be game-changing to make a difference! Instead, if we can each adopt small consistent behaviors, the result will be  game-changing! 


Let’s do our part to save the planet!

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Daisy Jing