Be As You Are with Cystic Acne on Face

July 20, 2017 0 Comments

One of the hardest cycles to break out of if you have cystic acne on the face is constantly wearing makeup. I remember not even being able to run to the grocery store without applying layers upon layers of makeup to cover up my imperfections. I also recall when I saw a woman or man who had acne and wasn’t wearing makeup never thinking harshly or negatively about the way they looked. If anything I was proud of them for not wearing makeup, but I still could not go out myself without it. Most makeup from the drugstore is not the greatest for your skin. Many are composed of harsh and harmful fillers that can do damage to anyone's skin, but it is cheap and therefore easy to go for and constantly apply. In breaking the cycle, as it is often said, the first step it the hardest.

Starting to not apply makeup every time you leave the house is scary. You think you will constantly be judged and people will hate the sight of you. The truth is, and if you do some personal reflection you will find, that most people do not think like that. Many would not even notice your imperfections and even less would speak negatively to you about them. Once you do start wearing less or no makeup you will start to feel free. Your skin will be able to breathe and you will, over time, become more confident and comfortable with a bare face. Like I said, starting is the hardest part and overnight it is hard to just stop wearing makeup, so start slow.

Starting slowly gives you time to change your mindset which is a huge part of why it is so common to constantly apply makeup for every event and task of the day. Start with not wearing makeup to the gym or supermarket, then if you feel comfortable, begin to expand and maybe a church or a coffee date is next. You will be amazed at how much you grow. You may even become confident enough to put away the makeup forever and eventually decrease the severity of your cystic acne on face. But don’t be ashamed of wearing makeup or feeling the need to cover your imperfections. We are all human and can understand the feeling. No one is perfect or made the same and therefore our journeys will lead us down separate paths. But however you get there, whatever means you use, feel confident and powerful the way you are and know that you are created perfectly imperfect.