Be at Ease when Treating your Acne!

March 20, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Afika 

There are so many ways, tips, and tricks to heal or prevent acne. But one of them is to become stress-free. In fact, I have proven it. I lived my life with acne and redness that even with a bunch of make-up, the acne will eventually show on your face. I live in a tropical country where, if you wear thick makeup, it’ll melt away within an hour, leave such a horrible look on your face, and make you look like a clown! 

I used every single thing to heal my acne, but there were no positive results, despite how much money had been spent. So, I asked myself, what’s the problem? I really can’t avoid unhealthy foods because I’m a student and I will never spend my money on buying expensive and healthy food; I’d prefer eating cheap food to save my money or to buy books or even to buy some cute dress to wear. Being a college student is like having to choose between a book or fried chicken – the book is informative and it lasts forever, but expensive. Meanwhile, fried chicken is expensive, but you need it right now, because you’re hungry, and fried chicken could save your life… you’d prefer the fried chicken over the book, wouldn’t you? 

On one news portal site, I read one good article about being happy that successfully put a smile on my face. The key to how to live your life to the fullest is to always be happy… and I thought the key to preventing acne is to be at ease! So, why not just become a happy person? Happiness = less stress. 

I was happy doing what I like, such as watching movies or surfing the internet. I did that several times a week before I slept. I would spend an hour to read a digital comic after studying for hours. I had fun after being grumpy. 

And then I did that over and over again… it actually worked! Even if you have such a hectic schedule, you’ll feel happy – because, in your free time, you do what you like. I went from having a face with a lot of pimples that grow every day, to only 2 or 3 small pimples each day. Happiness causes a significant change without having to buy some expensive medicine to heal your acne. It doesn’t require money, yet it can actually heal your insecurity. Be at ease and you will see the miraculous results yourself!

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