Being the One with Acne in a Relationship

February 16, 2017 0 Comments

By: Thea

Being in a relationship is such a wonderful thing. It’s amazing how you can go about living life all by yourself to experiencing new moments and sharing memories with a significant other. I understand that relationships aren’t for everyone. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of bumpy rides. But once you’ve met someone entirely new that makes you feel greater than you’ve ever felt before, you’ll realize that it was all worth it. This one person can make you feel as if nothing in the world matters. You put all your heart and trust in them because they can do no wrong. But, that all changes when they comment on your appearance. They adore you and tell you that you’re the most beautiful person they’ve ever met and you want to believe what they’re saying is true but you can’t; not with the acne on your face.

Acne is something I’ve struggled with since I was in my pre-teens. Every day is a self-esteem battle. When I go about in public, I feel like everyone can only see my acne. I don’t want their face too close to mine, or their hands caressing my cheeks. It’s hard. I built a barrier between myself and those around me. When someone compliments me on how attractive I am, I feel like they don’t really mean it. I’ve put myself down enough to only accept negativity and nothing else. I felt like no one would truly accept my appearance for the way it is.

But someone did accept it. They accepted my appearance, my personality, and every little thing about me. It felt wonderful and I was happy. But that didn’t mean I had doubts. I questioned whether or not they actually liked my face or if they only liked the way it looked with makeup. This really messed with my faith in the relationship. I felt like the moment they saw how bad my acne was, they’d feel less attracted and realize that maybe I’m not as pretty as they thought.

That moment never came. He accepted my acne. When we video chat, he tells me how cute I look with spot treatment all over my face. Sometimes he’d tell me about skin regimens he’d heard about and suggested different posts for me to read. He loved me for me and that did something to me. It made me feel more confident in myself and I slowly realized that I was loving my skin more. I didn’t feel as insecure about my bare face and began to see the beauty that he saw. It took a long time but I started to love my appearance.

My advice to those who have acne while being in a relationship: don’t be so scared to let someone love you because, in the end, you’ll learn to love yourself.