Is Skincare Based On Your DNA Better?

March 21, 2018 0 Comments

Is Skincare Based On Your DNA Better?

by Samantha


Bespoke beauty, theidea of a product tailored just for you, is making some early waves in the skincare industry, although it’s no new concept.

We’re all looking for theproductthatwill perfectly fulfill our skin’sunique needs, andbespoke beauty offersitself asa solution.

With skin issues being such unique and personalexperiences, personalizingskincareproductsseems like an obviously brilliant and simple idea, but it’s no small task.


why is bespoke beauty beneficial?

Bespoke beautyisrootedin the understanding that different areas of the skin can have different skin structure, texture, and conditions. This meansthattreatingyour skin might require slightly different strategies for different areas.Knowing this helps you to understandand address your skin issues more intensely, and avoid irritation, breakouts and skin damage.

The concept ofbespoke beautyis beneficial forliterallyeveryone – personalizing your skincare to suit your skin’s needs is what it’s all about! It’s what we strive for. And most of us are already engaging in it in some way – mixing two foundations to get the right shade and application – adding serums and oils to our moisturizers for a little boost – or even creating our very own DIY products at home. All of this is, essentially,bespoke beauty. Some of us may even use different products on different parts of our face, which is also a form ofbespoke beauty.

Bespoke beauty at the heart of the industry, formulating your very own products, enables those of us who want a direct involvement in the ingredient choice of our products. It gives us complete control, putting the ingredients we want in, and leaving the rest out.


how personalized is personalized?


The thing aboutbespoke beauty is that the term isfairly ambiguous and can be applied to a variety of situations, as I mentioned above.

Various spas around the world offer bespoke facials, which arefacials made to order andcustomized to your skin’s needs.The ability to work with an expert to create a product formulated especially for your skin could be an invaluable skincare tool.

Some companies are nowevenoffering an actual genetic component, with DNA swab testing and expensive consultations with product recommendations. This may sound exciting, but really, we have only just scratched the surface of understanding of genes. As far as I know, there are only a few skin-aging genes currently targeted through these bespokeproducts.This is apretty small niche, and while the process and products may work,theydefinitelycome with a hefty price tag.

Other than that, bespoke acne treatments and bespoke treatments in general arepretty exclusive and perhaps not as personalized as you might have been hoping.

Even though we may not be able to use our genetics to develop products that will treat our skin issues just yet, simply the ability to select ingredients we do and don’t want in our skincare routine is, in my opinion, a giant step in the right direction.


In a perfect and idealistic world, Ibelieve thatbespoke beautycould potentially be huge for treating skin conditions both like and unlike acne.With skin conditions there are many variables, and while we may never get a perfectly tailored item, we may get a lot closer than we would have withoutbespoke beauty.Not only doesbespoke beautyenable us to select unique productformulas, but is also empowers us to take charge of our skincare.

However, we are left to ask ourselves at thisparticular point in time, is the bespoke beauty experience worth the price tag? I’ll let you decide.