Best Ingredients For Acne

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Best Ingredients For Acne

Sick and tired of active acne, inflamed skin areas, redness or even  eczema? You’ve got Banish Fighter Gel as your new friend for treating any of these skin conditions or concerns! Well, who doesn’t want to achieve clear skin, right?  

Banish introduces its new product known as the Banish Fighter Gel which helps in treating or relieving skin conditions such as  active acne,  inflammation, redness, and even eczema. Banish products are made from organic or fresh natural ingredients. The Banish Fighter Gel may be used as a spot treatment for any of these skin concerns: active acne, inflammation, redness, and eczema.




Fighter Gel  Methylsulfonylmethane (or known as MSM) is an organosulfur compound and it also goes by other names like methyl sulfone and  dimethyl sulfone. This  compound acts as the glue which holds together the amino acid chains (i.e. building blocks of all tissues). MSM is also an essential or necessary nutrient used throughout the body and it forms up to 90% of our body when combined with water and salt.


Here are the best ingredients for acne

  • Dimethyl Sulfone
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Arnica Flower Extract
  • Gotu Kula
  • Wild Geranium
  • Organic Dandelion



*Most MSM benefits stem from the chemical’s role in building nearly every cell in our body.

*Inhibits the breakdown of  collagen which makes it a key player in anti-aging treatments

*Reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body.

*Improves cell wall permeability, allowing vital nutrients to flow through our cells

*Enhances  antioxidant usage which helps to decrease free radicals and provide numerous anti-aging benefits.

Just like any other Banish products, this new Banish Fighter Gel is made up of fresh natural ingredients that are or may be beneficial to your skin concerns.


    Aloe Vera 

    This is the second top ingredient of the Banish Fighter Gel.  Aloe has been used for medicinal purposes for several thousands of years in many cultures, mainly in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and India. This plant got its name from the Arabic word Alloeh which means “shining bitter substance”.  Aloe vera is also rich in  glycoproteins and known to have anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, which make this plant responsible for soothing, healing and improving appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.



    Dimethyl Sulfone or otherwise known as  Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a white crystalline substance that is made from a naturally occurring sulfur compound. This is also found in many different whole foods, particularly fruits and vegetables.


    Dimethyl Sulfone in this Banish Fighter Gel is beneficial in treating skin problems like acne through 3 different ways: 1) It has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an excellent choice for reducing redness and itchiness of your inflamed skin, 2) MSM strengthens your skin as  sulfur is very well known to play a vital role in forming or stimulating collagen throughout your body. It also helps repair your skin and improves the appearance of scar tissue caused by acne and 3) Dimethyl sulfone/MSM is a strong antioxidant – MSM supplements help in increasing the production of  glutathione in your body by increasing your sulfur levels.



    If you’re the type of person who has sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid skin care products that list this ingredient, especially this Banish Fighter Gel. However, menthol can also be beneficial for skin concerns. Menthol is obtained from the  Mentha arvensis botanical and it has been used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. This ingredient contributes a cooling sensation to the skin and alleviates feelings of irritation,  itching, and burning. Menthol is also believed to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, diminish the appearance of dark spots as well as  age spots, prevent acne breakouts and promote clearer skin.


    Green Tea is not just good for the sake of drinking to a healthy body, but also a key for healthy skin. Green tea is another great ingredient of the Banish Fighter Gel. Green tea is rich in  epigallocatechin cells (EGCG), a  polyphenol that is responsible for improving acne and oily skin. EGCG in green tea lowers lipid levels and is anti-androgenic, meaning that it is effective in reducing sebum excretions in your skin.



    Arnica Montana  grows mainly in Europe and Siberia along with few places in North America. This flowery plant is also known as mountain daisy or mountain tobacco. Arnica Montana is known to be used by celebrities and athletes in soothing their skin and repairing the damage that is caused by injury or irritation.

    The Banish Fighter Gel contains this potential skincare ingredient. Arnica Montana can be applied to the skin to heal any  bruises, soothe inflammation, ease muscle pain and alleviate stiffness caused by  arthritis or other joint injuries. It can also help fight dandruff and support healthy scalp as well as treat acne and insect bites.



    Horsetail is an herbal remedy that dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times. It was used traditionally to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds, and treat tuberculosis and kidney problems.  Horsetail is applied directly to the skin to treat wounds and burns.



    This ingredient has a great impact on skin and overall health benefits. Also, known as  Centella asiatica extract which is found in temperate and tropical swampy regions across the world. This plant has also both culinary and medicinal uses and is gaining popularity as a skin care ingredient.



    * Anti-aging

    * Accelerates wound healing

    * Reduces  sun damage

    * Manages eczema and  stretch marks




    Typically,  geranium is known for its sweet, uplifting floral scent that promotes a sense of relaxation and enhances one’s feeling of well-being. It is also known to reduce physical and mental  stress. This ingredient in Banish Fighter Gel has been used for a vast range of applications, including the promotion of a clear smooth and radiant skin, hormonal balance, alleviation of anxiety and fatigue, and improvement of moods. This plant was first introduced to Europe in the late 17th century, using its fresh leaves for finger bowls and it also has been traditionally used as an insect repellent as well as a flavoring for food, soft drinks, and even alcoholic beverages. For skin concerns,  geranium also has been proven effective for eliminating dead skin cells, promoting regeneration of new skin cells and treating acne-prone skin.


    Ever wondered how this ingredient of Banish Fighter Gel is beneficial to your skin concerns? Organic dandelion (or otherwise known by their species name  Taraxacum Officinale Extract) has 13 potential benefits to your health. Organic dandelion is highly nutritious, contains potent antioxidants, helps fight inflammation, aids blood sugar control, reduces  cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, promotes a healthy liver, aids weight loss, fights cancer, supports healthy digestion and treats  constipation, boosts the immune system, useful for skincare treatment and supports healthy bones.

    Though  dandelion may have low toxic levels and are likely safe for most people, it can also cause allergic reactions, particularly to those who have sensitive skin.



     Peppermint Oil  is considered as one of the ingredients for Banish Fighter Gel for medicinal use way back during ancient times. This peppermint has been known to be one of the oldest medicinal herbs in Europe, China, and Japan.  Peppermint is more than just your breath freshener and it comes from the scientific nameMentha Piperita from the family of Lamiaceae. Peppermint is known for its distinct aroma and cool flavor and has lance-shaped leaves which are greenish-purple color whereas the peppermint oil has pale yellow shade.

    When it comes to skincare, peppermint soothes, cools and freshens your skin and it has properties that balance oil secretion, making it an effective component against acne. Here are the things that peppermint can do: 1) brightens dull skin, 2) controls excess oil, 3) revives your youthful glow and 4) relieves skin irritations.

    Peppermint oil should be used in formulations in low concentrations to avoid irritation.   

    BANISH has kept in innovating its products to help address its customers’ skin concerns. 




    1) Apply a small amount on cleansed skin

    2) This may be applied to the face or body as a leave-on.

    3) This can also be applied after serums or body creams.

    4) Apply over active acne or areas of inflammation, redness, and  eczema to relieve it.

    5) Store away from heat and direct sunlight. 

    While this is the way to get the best benefits from using natural skin care products, we each have unique skin and our own set of concerns and goals, so the bottom line is that you have to find a routine that works best for you.

    You have to listen to your skin! 


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