Your Sensitive Skin Care, Defined

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There are so many products on the market for curing acne. From toners to serums, an array of different products exist that promise clear skin, but all actually perform different jobs. Here are some simple descriptions of each step in your sensitive skin care routine:

1. Cleanser

A cleanser is a product that cleanses the skin of dirt, makeup, and oil. Cleansers come in many shapes and sizes, such as a facial soap, Micellar water to an oil. You should cleanse the skin twice a day, in the morning and at night, to clean the skin of impurities, makeup, and oil.

2. Toner

A toner further removes oil and dirt but is designed to help individuals with oily skin. Toner acts as an extra step to cleanse the skin from excess sebum (the oil your face produces naturally) and dead skin cells, and thus ensures a more balanced pH level of the face. You should tone once a day, in the morning.

3. Eye Cream

An eye cream helps moisturize the under eyes, as well as protect from the sun and prevent wrinkles. Eye cream should be applied twice a day.

4. Moisturizer

A moisturizer treats the skin and prevents dryness. A daytime moisturizer should contain SPF so skin is protected from the sun. You should moisturize twice a day.

5. Exfoliator

An exfoliator helps remove dead skin cells on the face. This is necessary to prevent clogged pores and dirt on the skin. An exfoliator should be used from one time to three times a week depending on skin type. Be sure not to overuse this product, as it can overwork skin and cause irritation.Serum: A serum is a type of moisturizer that penetrates deeper

6. Serum

A serum is a type of moisturizer that penetrates deeper into the skin to provide benefits such as anti-aging, pore shrinking, and firming. Usually used by individuals with dry skin, this is not a necessary step in a skincare routine. A serum is used by others for intensified effects of skincare. It can be used once a day, at night, or twice a day, depending on skin type.

7. Face Oil

Another type of moisturizer that goes the extra mile for moisturizing. Different skin oils can do different things, such as rosehip oil to diminish scars. This is not a necessary skincare step, but further moisturizes and benefits the skin.

8. Essence

An essence helps other skin care steps do their jobs. Essence helps other products sink into the skin as well as has anti-aging, toning, and moisturizing properties. Essence is a Korean skin care step that is making its way to the United States. It is not an essential skincare step but can enhance the benefits of other skincare steps. Essence can be used twice a day.

Sensitive skin care can be a daunting task with all the different products available, but what is important isn’t using a million products but finding a routine that works for you. Everybody’s skin is different, which is why not everyone has the same skincare routine. While finding a routine that works perfectly for your skin is a trial and error process, once you find the best routine, your skin will be thankful!

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