Body Acne

July 21, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

In this article, I’m going to be sharing my experience with body acne.  Body acne is exactly what is sounds like – acne that has progressed from your face to other areas of your body.  Normally – or more commonly – when individuals get body acne it’s in places near their face such as the neck, chest, and upper back; however for me, this wasn’t so.  My acne is prominent in the middle section of my body.  This type of acne is one that is very severe and comes in clusters.  The breakouts are cyst like, very painful and very prone to leaving behind dark hyperpigmentation.  I started noticing these breakouts early on in my life – at around the age of ten.  Then, the acne was mild only one or two very painful spots that would come and go.  It stayed like this for years….   Until I turned 15.  At around age 15, I started breaking out all over my stomach – the process was very uncomfortable and unfortunately for me as time went on it only spread and became more frequent.  At this time my self-esteem had plummeted and I felt disgusting.

I took showers every day and tried using facial acne treatments on the affected areas but nothing was working – so I decided to pay a visit to my dermatologist.  My dermatologist prescribed multiple body washes but most of them failed.  Then he prescribed one with benzoyl peroxide and, although I noticed that the frequency/amount of breakouts did decrease, they were still there and seemed to not be going anywhere.

Since I had checked in with him multiple times and even tried going to other doctors to help but had gotten little out of it, I decided to do my own research.  I searched everywhere for an explanation but nobody could truly relate to what I was going through so I did more research.  And that’s when I found an article about yoga pants – yes yoga pants.  In the article, it discussed how some girls were experiencing breakouts in the corresponding areas to which thehigh-waisted yoga pants were the tightest.  It then talked about the science about it and why it can trigger breakouts in such areas.  In the article, it basically said that the body naturally has bacteria build up that area and that for some people, and in some instances, this build up can become excessive and block pores that then cause acne.  This is able to happen through sweat when sweat sticks to your body in areas not frequently exposed to light, bacteria are able to grow and form deep cysts.  Considering that I wore yoga pants/leggings almost every day this information not only shocked me but also gave me the best explanation I had had thus far.  It also gave me a new tactic to try.  Immediately I ditched my tight pants and opted for jeans instead hoping that this simple change would be the answer to my ongoing questions.  After two months of testing, I noticed immediate results.  In the beginning, I only had one minor breakout – but as time went yoga pants went on so did my time without acne.  I’m happy to say my breakouts almost vanished.