Breakfast: Bagel, Dinner: DQ Blizzard

January 10, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Francesca

Being a student can make it super easy to forget your health, not to mention the importance it has on your everyday life. Everybody’s heard it before, and most likely also experienced it- the “Freshman 15”- aka the fifteen pounds that most students gain once they start university (and- ahem- don’t have mommy and daddy to do everything). Oh, how joyous is it, though, to have McDonald’s every day, milkshakes for breakfast, DQ Cotton Candy Blizzards for dinner (trust me, it’s their best creation) and fries for a snack?! 

I know, and sorry- my mouth is salivating, too. BUT, we know this stuff isn’t at all what our bodies need, and if you think about it, we are all really doing ourselves a huge disservice by eating it. It makes sense- you’re taking the hardest courses you ever have up to this point in your life, and you need more energy just to think on the regular (who would’ve ever thought?!). Yet, as ironic and nonsensical it sounds, what do most of us reach for instead of a nutritious, brain power-filled meal? Coffee and garbage. Coffee and garbage. Repeat with me, “coffee and garbage”! 

Day in and day out with the same routine, and it catches up to us. Yes, our habits when we are finally living on our own are the result of convenience, simply not knowing what to cook or how to cook, or what to even buy at the grocery store. I know when I’m absolutely starved and I’m at the grocery store and I see two options in front of me- one, a frozen microwavable dinner, and chicken breasts that are frozen and vegetables that still need to be washed, peeled and cut- what is the easiest thing to do at that point? Well, we all know the answer to that. Unfortunately, this is our society and what we’ve become accustomed to- food that is convenient, fast and don’t forget about cheap. 

Well, when big companies like McDonald’s wants to put things on their menu that fit all of those criteria, it winds up being frozen, preservative-laden burger patties, cheap bleached-flour buns, and nuggets containing 5% chicken and 95% crap. Yet we still choose it over spending the time to cook what’s best for us, or even trying to buy meals that are healthier (we all know those fancy food stuff are way too expensive for students). 

Money and budgets are a large part of the problem, yes a lot of us have loans and a budget to adhere to. But why can’t we make a better effort to spend 30 minutes extra in the evening preparing something that is better for us? I honestly wish so many of these fast food places didn’t even exist as options for us! For all those youngins’ early on in their post-secondary education, take it from somebody who is in medical school and has been studying for 6 years (and still on a loan). 

Your brain and body will thank you if you pay even alittle more attention to what can fuel you, and not just fill you. Choose wisely, because the wrong habits are hard to break.

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