Celeb Skin through Meditation

Among the easy solutions to manage stress (one of the most common factors for skin breakouts) is to start meditating. Ok, it is easier said than done. Meditation is still seen a bit as this weird concept of sitting on the floor, trying to think of nothing and slowly becoming a pure hippie. In fact, many studies have proved that meditation is absolutely helpful in all lifestyles, both for managing anxiety and stress, but also to achieve more performance. Whatever you want to achieve in life, put your acne to snooze, get that celeb skin or achieve hard-reaching goals, meditation is a good tool to get there. But how the hell do you start this thing? I swear, if you just sit down and expect something to happen just by closing your eyes, you will be disappointed. Meditation is the fruit of a long practice over months and years that can, fortunately, be practiced a bit every day for as short as 5 minutes. As in sport, consistency is the key to get comfortable with the practice. So here are a couple of tricks to get you started:

Try with guided apps

It helps so much to be able to have a guided meditation whenever and wherever you want with your phone. Some apps are truly inspiring and can help you understand the mechanisms of meditation and put you on the right track. The best one to start with is Headspace: when you start with Headspace, you have free ten-days meditations that are meant to explain to you how your brain functions in the context of meditation. There are small animations that are really adorable and the voice is very soothing. The meditations themselves are not more than 10 minutes. After your free ten days, you can have a yearly subscription, which I didn’t take because of budget limitation.

Then, I suggest you try Omvana. Omvana is a bit the iTunes for guided meditation tracks. Happily, you have some free stuff on it, like the « 6 phase meditation », that also guides you thoroughly with a step by step meditation that lasts 20 minutes. Of course, there are a lot of other tracks that you can try for free and the beauty of it is that you can mix what you chose with some relaxing music of your choice too! You can even record yourself and to some auto-hypnosis if you are familiar with the concept.

My go-to app for daily life is Insight Timer. This app has just an incredible amount of tracks from all over the world, including music, podcasts, conferences, mantra singing, name it! you can have your own library with bookmarks and the app includes also a real Tibetan bowl sound for when you don’t want to be guided during your meditation. The app acts also like a social network since you can see who is meditation close to you and send messages. The app is free!

The last one I would suggest is Buddhify. The cool thing with Buddhify is that all the meditation are adapted with a specific context and you can choose from a vast choice. I have a bit less affinity with this app, but it can be super practical when you are offline because you don’t need the wifi or 3G to access the tracks.

Get motivated

A good way to commit to meditation is to read about it and to understand where it comes from. Grab a Dalaï-Lama book or any other author that inspires you who writes about meditation and get to know the concept better. A good way to commit to something is to actually understand deeply why you do it and why so many people did it before.

Create your space

If you are a person who likes routine, creating a small cozy space designed for your meditation session can be a good way to start. If you are already practicing yoga, you are probably familiar with meditation and can deepen your practice on the mat. Otherwise, you can just throw a cushion on the floor where you have a quiet space free from technology, children running around or anything noisy or too bright, you keep a scented candle or incense in this space and you start. It is good to have a small object that represents your meditation practice (candle, mala bracelet, cushion, mat…) so you both remember to do it when you see it and you attach your thoughts to this object when you start. It is especially true when you are on holiday and you don’t want to stop meditating. If you have that special candle, the minute you light it you know you got to be in a specific relaxed mood. It is just like Pavlov’s dog.

Just follow these helpful tips and your celeb skin is more achievable plus all those health benefits along the way.




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