Cult Favorite Skin Care Tools

December 09, 2016 0 Comments

The internet swears by these skincare tools. These fan favorites are relatively inexpensive and also reusable, saving you both money and time. These tools can assist you on your skincare journey, helping you achieve the face you want.

1. Silicon Face Masks

Ever end up going to bed with a face full of night cream just for it to end up on the pillow. With this face mask for only 5$ you can keep the product contained on your face. Just put on your favorite night time cream and then put on the mask. It will keep the product close to your face, keeping the moisture intact. It also works great if you tend to touch and pick your face in your sleep.

2. Frownies

This hack is for the aging group. Some people get wrinkles in between their eyes. They are called “11” lines because it literally looks like two vertical straight lines. This is caused by frowning, creating a crease in between your eyes. A quick cheap beauty hack is little adhesive tape strips that you can apply on the skin. There are several brands online that sell them such as “Frownies” or “Furless”. You can even create your own with surgical tape.

3. Japanese Bath Face Towel

These are a cult favorite online and in Japan. The product has even won awards in its home country! It is an exfoliating towel that can scrub your skin getting rid of impurities. You can incorporate this tool into your nighttime skin care routine to ensure that you are cleansing and exfoliating properly. It is best to exfoliate right before bed. This is because its night time is a crucial time for you skin to repair and heal. There are plenty of tools on the market to help you with your exfoliating needs, but this one, in particular, is great as it is reusable.

4. Charcoal Buff

This product is great for people who have acne as the charcoal pulls the oils from your face, getting rid of blemishes as well as getting rid of dead skin cells which can clog up pores. These little sponges cost less than 20 dollars and you only have to replace them every 3 months resulting in a great tool that will keep your skin healthy looking and your wallet happy as well.

5. Starbucks Napkins

When you are grabbing your morning latte make sure to grab a couple of extra napkins. The internet swears by this beauty hack. They are great for blotting and getting rid of excess oil. This gives you that matte looks on the go – and it’s completely free!